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Magic the Gathering Arabian Nights Near-Complete Low-End 58-Card Set SP on average

Magic the Gathering Arabian Nights Near-Complete Low-End 58-Card Set SP on average

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  • Magic the Gathering Arabian Nights Near-Complete Low-End 58-Card Set SP on average

    This is most of the less valuable cards in an Arabian Nights set,
    they are pretty equally distributed between near mint, slight play, and moderate play, although only one card in the set has a crease. In the set list below each card has its condition or absence noted, TCG Market price on what's present is over $900

    Abu Ja'far SP
    Aladdin HP
    Aladdin's Lamp MP+
    Aladdin's Ring MP
    Ali Baba SP
    Ali from Cairo missing
    Army of Allah (dark) missing
    Army of Allah (light) NM-
    Bazaar of Baghdad missing
    Bird Maiden (dark) missing
    Bird Maiden (light) SP
    Bottle of Suleiman NM-
    Brass Man NM-
    Camel SP+
    City in a Bottle missing
    City of Brass missing
    Cuombajj Witches MP
    Cyclone MP
    Dancing Scimitar MP
    Dandan SP
    Desert SP
    Desert Nomads SP-
    Desert Twister MP
    Diamond Valley missing
    Drop of Honey missing
    Ebony Horse missing
    Elephant Graveyard missing
    El-Hajjaj MP+
    Erg Raiders (dark) SP
    Erg Raiders (light) SP
    Erhnam Djinn missing
    Eye for an Eye HP
    Fishliver Oil (dark) NM-
    Fishliver Oil (light) missing
    Flying Carpet MP
    Flying Men SP
    Ghazban Ogre NM
    Giant Tortoise (dark) NM
    Giant Tortoise (light) MP
    Guardian Beast missing
    Hasran Ogress (dark) SP+
    Hasran Ogress (light) missing
    Hurr Jacka lNM-
    Ifh-Biff Efreet missing
    Island Fish Jasconius NM-
    Island of Wak-Wak missing
    Jandor's Ring NM-
    Jandor's Saddlebags SP
    Jeweled Bird HP (this is the only card in the set that is creased)
    Jihad missing
    Junun Efreet SP-
    Juzam Djinn missing
    Khabal Ghoul missing
    King Suleiman missing
    Kird Ape NM
    Library of Alexandria missing
    Magnetic Mountain NM
    Merchant Ship SP
    Metamorphosis SP+
    Mijae Djinn NM-
    Moorish Cavalry (dark) NM-
    Moorish Cavalry (light) missing
    Mountain missing
    Nafs Asp (dark) NM
    Nafs Asp (light) NM
    Oasis HP
    Old Man of the Sea missing
    Oubliette (dark) NM
    Oubliette (light) MP
    Piety (dark) MP
    Piety (light) missing
    Pyramids missing
    Repentant Blacksmith SP
    Ring of Ma'ruf missing
    Rukh Egg (dark) MP
    Rukh Egg (light) missing
    Sandals of Abdallah NM-
    Sandstorm SP
    Serendib Djinn missing
    Serendib Efreet missing
    Shahrazad missing
    Sindbad NM-
    Singing Tree missing
    Sorceress Queen NM-
    Stone-Throwing Devils (dark) missing
    Stone-Throwing Devils (light) MP
    Unstable Mutation NM
    War Elephant (dark) MP
    War Elephant (light) SP
    Wyluli Wolf (dark) MP
    Wyluli Wolf (light) MP
    Ydwen Efreet missing

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series: Arabian Nights
    • Release Date: December 1st, 1993

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