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Magic the Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition Box

Magic the Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition Box

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  • As an authorized internet retailer with Wizards of the Coast, we can only ship Magic the Gathering sealed products released within the last 2 years throughout the U.S. and its Territories
Item Description
Item Details
  • Magic the Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition Box

    Celebrate Magic's 30th anniversary with this exclusive collector's release. Magic: The Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition brings new life to some of the game's most iconic cards with a unique, commemerative card back. After thirty years you can once again experience the rush of opening your own Black Lotus, Timetwister, original dual land or other favorites from Limited Edition Beta.

    30th Anniversary Edition is a commemerative, collectible, non-tournament-legal product celebrating 30 years of Magic.

    Each Anniversary Box contains:

    • [4] 15-card Booster packs

    Each Booster Pack contains:

    • [15] cards
    • [30%] chance of a Retro-frame rare, for a total of two rares in those boosters
    • All ten dual lands drop twice as frequently as any other rare
    • [2] Retro-frame Cards (1 card of any rarity, 1 basic land)
    • [13] Modern-frame cards (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 7 common, 2 basic lands)
    • [297] cards to collect in each frame (for a total of 594 cards) and 16 tokens
    • Keep an eye out for a special summon Sol Ring with a brand-new art crop

    Configuration: 4 Packs per Box, 15 Cards per Pack

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series:
    • Release Date: November 28th, 2022

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