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Decipher Lord of the Rings Hunters Booster Box

Decipher Lord of the Rings Hunters Booster Box

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  • Decipher Lord of the Rings Hunters Booster Box

    36 packs per box / 11 cards per pack

    The Lord of the Rings TCG kicks off its new block with The Hunters expansion set. Longtime players will celebrate the return of popular mechanics and new players will have a great place to jump into the game. The Hunters will focus on those heroic characters and the evil minions that call themselves hunters. A new mechanic called "Hunter" will make players look at their decks all over again as it introduces exciting new gameplay to The Lord of the Rings TCG. New versions of your favorite characters will provide new strategies to explore. The popular Legends (1:9 packson average) and Legends Masterworks (1:35 packs on average) premium foil subsets return to increase the chase for collectors.

    Expansion Features:

    - The new Hunter keyword allows Hunters to fight better against certain characters. Making each deck selection and in-game assignment that much more important.
    - The three hunters (Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas) can be locked into each another with Hunter themed conditions and fans will rejoice at being able to have all three hunter on the table together.
    - Hunter is not just for the Fellowship either as meanand nasties like Mauhur, Ugluk, and Gorbag.

    Return of the Favorites
    - The Hunters marks the return of favorite game mechanics. Threats once again will make losing a companion a critical moment in players' games. And with the return of sitecontrol, losing a skirmish means more than taking a wound.
    - Also making a return in The Hunter are the Ring-bound Rangers. Roaming and site numbers will be adjusted, as these player favorites will make a return to many decks.

    The Great Debate.
    - Many of the characters that make Lord of the Rings popular will show up in this exciting expansion set. Heroic characters like Arwen,Gandalf, and Treebeard along with villains we alllove to hate like Gollum, Mumak Commanders, andlooming Nazgul. Is your favorite character in theset?.
    - Or the argument heard again and again in development of the product: Who would win between Treebeard and Lurtz? The 'exertion' couldbe too much for the loser.

    • Manufacturer: Decipher
    • Product: Lord of the Rings
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 045748108571
    • Release Date: June 12th, 2006

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