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The Golden Compass Hobby Box (2007 InkWorks)

The Golden Compass Hobby Box (2007 InkWorks)

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  • The Golden Compass Hobby Box (2007 InkWorks)

    24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack

    This exciting fantasy adventure, set in a parallel world where people's souls manifest themselves as small animals, talking bears fight wars, and children are mysteriously disappearing. The film is based on the first book of Philip Pullman's best-selling, award-winning trilogy, "His Dark Materials."

    Inkworks captures all of the action and amazing worlds in this 72-base card set.

    Fans of every age will avidly collect and pursue all 5 levels of outstanding, randomly-inserted bonus cards:

    6 "TRUTH TELLING" cards...lenticular cards capturing the alethiometer (the Golden Compass) that helps Lyra find her missing friends during different stages of her epic journey. (1:9 packs)

    6 "LYRA'S WORLD" cards...3-D lenticular cards share the fantastic world that Lyra lives in. (1:9 packs)

    6 "FIGHT TO THE DEATH" capturing the amazing battle between the fighting bears Iorek and Ragnar... (1:7 packs)

    3 "DAEMON FORMS" cards...Flip technology allows us to capture Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards) and her daemon animal form Pantalaimon, Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidman) and her daemon Golden Monkey, and Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig) and his daemon Stelmaria. (1:23 packs)

    11 PIECEWORKS cards - Memorabilia cards featuring costumes and props used in filming the movie (1:24 packs)

    • Manufacturer: InkWorks
    • Product: Other
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 088472135611
    • Release Date: November 12th, 2007

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