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Marvel Comic Book Heroes Sticker Box (1975 Topps)

Marvel Comic Book Heroes Sticker Box (1975 Topps)

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  • Marvel Comic Book Heroes Sticker Box (1975 Topps)

    36 count box


    Hero/Villain | Title/Caption
    The Falcon | You Bet Your Bird!
    The Thing - 1 | It's Clobberin' Time!
    Frankenstein's Monster | Maybe It's My Breath!
    Shang-Li, Kung Fu | All Aspirin Is Not Alike!
    Dr. Strange | Darn Those House Calls!
    Dracula - 1 | Sure Doesn't Taste Like Tomato Juice!
    Human Torch - 1 | Tan....Don't Burn!
    Daredevil | Badness Makes Me Red!
    Iron Man | Fight Rust!
    Werewolf | Only My Hairdresser Knows For Sure!
    Thor - 1 | Support Your Local Thunder-God!
    Sub-Mariner | Don't Pollute My Waters!
    [2 markings: copyright at top or at bottom]
    Hawkeye | Annie Oakley I Ain't!

    Captain Marvel | Fly the friendly skies of United!
    [2 alternate titles] | Which way to the John?

    Ghost Rider | Peter Fonda Look Out!
    The Living Mummy | Which Hand Has The M&M's?
    Morbius, Living Vampire | Which Way To The Blood Bank?
    Ka-Zar | Be Kind To Animals...Or Else!
    [2 markings: copyright on single line or stacked]
    Spider-Man - 1 | Who'd You Expect? Little Miss Muffet?
    Captain America - 1 | I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy!
    Conan | Trick Or Treat!
    Kull | These Pants Don't Fit!
    Dr. Doom | I'm Dressed To Kill!
    The Son of Satan | The Devil Made Me Do It!

    Spider-Man - 2 | You drive me up a wall!
    [2 alternate titles] | Bug off!

    Dracula - 2 | Flying Drives Me Bats!
    Human Torch - 2 | When You're Hot, You're Hot!
    Thor - 2 | Who Said Blondes Have More Fun?
    Hulk - 1 | Who Stole My Right Guard?
    The Thing - 2 | I'm Going To Pieces!
    Captain America - 2 | Look, Ma, No Cavities
    Dr. Octopus | I'm Just A Well Armed Crook!
    The Valkyrie | Support Women's Lib!
    Mr. Fantastic | I'm The Long Arm Of The Law!
    Medusa | Darn That Cheap Hairspray!
    Black Widow | I'm Natasha Fly Me To Miami!
    Iron Fist | Kung Fooey
    Man-Thing | I Dropped The Soap In The Shower!
    Hulk - 2 | Green Power!
    Luke Cage | I Was A 98lb. Weakling!

    Fantastic Four Puzzle/Checklist Cards

    top left puzzle piece
    top center puzzle piece
    top right puzzle piece
    middle left puzzle piece
    center puzzle piece
    middle right puzzle piece
    bottom left puzzle piece
    [2 markings: copyright on card front or no copyright]
    bottom center puzzle piece
    bottom right puzzle piece

    • Manufacturer: Topps
    • Product: Marvel
    • Series:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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