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LOST Season Two Hobby Box (2006 InkWorks)

LOST Season Two Hobby Box (2006 InkWorks)

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  • LOST Season Two Hobby Box (2006 InkWorks)

    36 packs per box, 7 cards per pack

    Relive all the plot twists and turns of the intriguing LOST Season Two!

    Inkworks announces the release of LOST Season 2 Premium Trading Cards featuring the second season of the wildly popular ABC drama, LOST. Lost fans will relive the drama, suspense and adventure of the captivating second season of LOST with Inkworks newest release, LOST Season 2 Premium Trading Cards.

    This 90-card set features episodic coverage, plus new subsets "Sawyer Speak," "Interwoven Lives," "Tragic Romance" and more! In addition to an amazing base set, LOST Season Two Premium Trading Cards also features one-of-a-kind bonus cards:

    Yunjin Kim - Sun
    Emilie de Ravin - Claire
    Michael Emerson - "Henry Gale"
    Francois Chau - Dr. Candle
    Sam Anderson - Bernard
    L. Scott Caldwell - Rose
    Brett Cullen - Goodwin
    Josh Randall - Nathan
    Kimberley Joseph - Cindy
    Monica Dean - Gabriela
    Tania Raymonde - Alex
    Sonya Walger - Penny

    Locke's pants
    Sayid's top
    Sun's top
    Sawyer's shirt
    Hurley's t-shirt
    Kate's top
    Charlie's t-shirt
    Mr. Eko's shirt
    Sand Prop Card featuring Charlie
    Sand Prop Card featuring Hurley
    Dual Window Sand Prop & Costume Card featuring Sawyer

    "?" - 9-card puzzle (9 different cards - inserted approximately 1:11 packs).

    "Betrayal" - 6 foil cards (6 different cards - inserted approximately 1:17 packs).

    Also look for three box loaders (3 different cards - one per display box) and one special case loader (1 card - one per case)!

    *Please note that this product may contain redemption cards. Since Inkworks is no longer in business, these redemption cards can not be redeemed. Please be aware of this possibility when purchasing this product.

    • Manufacturer: InkWorks
    • Product: LOST
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 088472133211
    • Release Date: December 13th, 2006

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