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Finding Dory Trading Cards 12-Box Case (Upper Deck 2016)
  • Finding Dory Trading Cards 12-Box Case (Upper Deck 2016)

Finding Dory Trading Cards 12-Box Case (Upper Deck 2016)

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Product Highlights

  • "Just keep swimming!"
  • Collect the 40-Card Set!
  • 5 Cards per Pack!
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Item Details
  • Finding Dory Trading Cards 12-Box Case (Upper Deck 2016)

    A wise character once passed along the sage advice, "Just keep swimming." That was said by Dory, a lovable, but amnesia-prone, royal blue tang. Her story is on full display in 2016 Upper Deck Finding Dory.

    The simple release includes a total of 40 base cards that feature vivid colors and a variety of artwork. Each pack includes five cards which center on the story and main characters from the movie.
    Collect the 40-Card Set!

    The Finding Dory Trading Cards feature:

    - 5 trading cards
    - A wide variety of art including: CG and line art
    - The back of the sticker cards are a puzzle piece to a giant 40 piece puzzle!


    P1 Destiny, Bailey, Hank, Dory, Marlin, Nemo
    P2 "What do we do? We Swim?"
    P3 "I am fluent in whale"
    P4 Dory "Hooooow Arrreeee Yoooou?
    P5 Hank and Coffee Pot
    P6 Hank, Dory and Nemo
    P7 Dory and Nemo Green
    P8 Bailey "Just dial it in"
    P9 Upside down Hank
    P10 "Cuddle Party"
    P11 Marlin and Nemo
    P12 "Pipe Pals"
    P13 Sad Nemo and Dory Orange
    P14 Dory and Nemo Yellow
    P15 Seaweed Three Hermit Crabs
    P16 Seaweed Three Otters
    P17 Seaweed Hank and Hermit Crab Tea Cup
    P18 Seaweed Dory with Tag
    P19 Seaweed Destiny and Dory
    P20 Seaweed Dory, Marlin and Nemo
    P21 Seaweed Bailey and Destiny
    P22 Seaweed Goofy Seal
    P23 Seaweed Brown Seal
    P24 Seaweed Big Blue Seal
    P25 Hermit Crab Tea Cup
    P26 Hermit Crab Jug
    P27 Hermit Crab Pitcher
    P28 Hermit Crab Coffee Cup
    P29 Hermit Crab Wine Glass
    P30 Hermit Crab Can
    P31 Hermit Crab Tuna Can
    P32 Hermit Crab Large Coffee Cup
    P33 Cute Otter Alone
    P34 Goofy Seal
    P35 "Destiny"
    P36 "Bailey"
    P37 "Dory"
    P38 "Nemo"
    P39 "Marlin"
    P40 "Hank"

    5 Cards per Pack
    24 Packs per Box

    • Manufacturer: Upper Deck
    • Product:
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    • UPC/Barcode: 053334854863
    • Release Date: June 21st, 2016

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