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Alias Season 3 Hobby Box (2004 Inkworks)

Alias Season 3 Hobby Box (2004 Inkworks)

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  • Alias Season 3 Hobby Box (2004 Inkworks)

    24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack

    Redemptions include Vivica A. Fox autographs - All other autographs and Pieceworks cards are inserted

    These boxes are loaded with one autograph and piecework card per box. In this box you will be getting 1 autograph and 1 pieceworks costume cards of some of your favorite stars such as:
    Melissa George Autograph BV $55
    Mia Maestroea Autograph BV $55
    Jennifer Garner dress $41

    ALIAS Season 3 trading cards promises all the excitement and intrigue of the exciting third season, featuring: Episodic Coverage, Character Cards, Marshall's Tech Emporium, The Insidious Mr. Sark, and new subset "Family Matters".

    As fans have come to expect with our Season One and Season Two sets, each card in the base set is printed on premium 18-point mirror foil board, giving each card an amazing mirror finish. The backs include embedded messages in secret ink - pull out your black lights to reveal the secrets!


    -Melissa George (Lauren Reed)
    -Mia Maestro (Nadia Santos)
    -David Carradine (Conrad)
    -Vivica A. Fox (Toni Cummings)
    -Amanda Foreman (Carrie Bowman)
    -Mark Bramhall (Andrian Lazarey)
    -Justin Theroux (Simon Walker)
    -Raymond Barry (Senator George Reed)
    -Kurt Fuller (NSC Dir. Robert Lindsey)
    -Peggy Lipton (Mrs. Olivia Reed)
    -Ian Buchanan (Johannes Gathrid)
    -David Cronenberg (Dr. Brezzel)

    (12 different cards inserted approximately 1:24 packs or 1:144 cards)

    LOST YEARS - Nine-card foil puzzle featuring an amazing painting of Sydney Bristow by the popular science fiction/fantasy artist Julie Bell. This artwork was created exclusively for Inkworks. The text on the backs of the cards feature Sydney's discovery of her forgotten two years. (9 cards inserted approximately 1:11 packs).

    PIECEWORKS CARDS - ONE PER BOX! Nine different cards featuring pieces of the actual costumes worn by the characters on-screen during the filming of Alias:

    -Dress worn by Sydney (Jennifer Garner)
    -Slacks worn by Vaughn (Michael Vartan)
    -Shirt worn by Lauren (Melissa George)
    -Sweater worn by Sark (David Anders)
    -Jacket worn by Sloane (Ron Rifkin)
    -Tunic worn by Katya (Isabella Rossellini)
    -Sweater worn by Jack (Victor Garber)
    -Shirt worn by Dixon (Carl Lumbly)
    -Top worn by Marshall (Kevin Weisman)

    (9 different cards inserted approximately 1:24 packs or 1:144 cards).

    WICKED GAMES - Six foil cards capturing the lies and double-crosses in Season Three. (6 cards inserted approximately 1:17 packs).

    *Please note that this product may contain redemption cards. Since Inkworks is no longer in business, these redemption cards can not be redeemed. Please be aware of this possibility when purchasing this product.

    • Manufacturer: Inkworks
    • Product: Alias
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 088472128514
    • Release Date: October 20th, 2004

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