Alf Series 2 Trading Card Box (1988 O-Pee-Chee)

Alf Series 2 Trading Card Box (1988 O-Pee-Chee)

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  • Alf Series 2 Trading Card Box (1988 O-Pee-Chee)

    1988 O-Pee-Chee Alf Series 2 Entertainment Wax Box

    No. Title
    48 Alf 2nd Series [Checklist]
    49 It's tough being a living legend!
    50 You know, mummies were the first ones to sing "wrap" music!
    51 Whatsa matter? Cat got your tongue! Har har!
    52 You know what they say: "Hair today, gone tomorrow!"
    53 I think I left the cat in the dryer!
    54 As the karate experts say: "Ouuuuuuch!!!"
    55 I knew I had fans ... but not these kinds of fans!
    56 It's important to eat all your food ... Otherwise I will!
    57 He's not sick. He just needs to chase the cat for awhile!
    58 Brother, can you spare a cat?
    59 I ate the phone? Well, that explains this ringing sensation in my head!
    60 I was too small to play quarterback, so they made me a one-eighth back! Har har!
    61 No more coffee for me! I had too much yesterday ... and I thought we were having an earthquake!
    62 Wait! Dinner isn't over! I think I smell cat!
    63 If we're gonna play hide-and seek, you have to cover your eyes!
    64 Karate is all mind over matter.
    65 Let's play cards! Everything's wild for guys from Melmac!
    66 We'll throw Alf a surprise party! Better yet, let's just throw Alf!
    67 I never met a cat I didn't like ... for dinner!
    68 Did you get shorter, or is your son growing very, very fast?
    69 Did you know I wear a size 44 suit, extra squat?
    70 Say, don't I know you from another planet?
    71 What bowling ball? I'm not letting my cat out of the bag!
    72 Trust me! I'll be more than happy to babysit for your cat!
    73 I've got a pair of aces and this replica of my birth certificate!
    74 I only dress like this so I can carry a briefcase. It's perfect for big lunches!
    75 Are you sure I can't order a fudge ripple sundae here?
    76 If you can't eat it forget it
    77 Who would eat all the canned food without opening the can?
    78 Hey, I told you to be careful with those velcro eyebrows!
    79 What can I tell you? The girl who sold me this shirt was very cute!
    80 The winner! You actually finished your meal before Alf could finish it for you!
    81 Is this a bowtie or am I being choked by a snake in formal wear?
    82 Vote for me! I'm for a cat in every pot and two aliens in every garage!
    83 Who says you're not supposed to eat the bag after you dunk it?
    84 is there such a thing as being "too cool"?
    85 There's no worse feeling than when the meal is over!
    86 Watch out, Spuds! The real Party Animal has arrived!
    87 If I get any better looking, we may have to sell tickets!
    88 What happened? No more ring around the collar?
    89 I was so hungry, I ate the first chapters of this book!
    90 When you're like me, finding hair in your food is an occupational hazard!
    91 A hair dryer? I thought it was a bagpipe that went berserk!


    s19 Puzzle Column 1 Row 1
    s20 Puzzle Column 1 Row 2
    s21 Puzzle Column 1 Row 3
    s22 Puzzle Column 1 Row 4
    s23 Puzzle Column 1 Row 5
    s24 Puzzle Column 2 Row 1
    s25 Puzzle Column 2 Row 2
    s26 Puzzle Column 2 Row 3
    s27 Puzzle Column 2 Row 4
    s28 Puzzle Column 2 Row 5
    s29 Completed Red Border

    Bouillabaseball Cards

    23B Dirk "That Swell Guy" Twink
    24B Biff "Lucky" DeIrish
    25B Abner "The Big Hucker" Knarp
    26B Artie "The Sponge" Fern
    27B Nina "Dropsies" Zynk
    28B Fafner "That Goofy Guy" Pelt
    29B Wilky "The Salad Bar" Wartlap
    30B Sid "The Mad Bunny" Tenny
    31B Heather "Leather" Labat
    32B Benny "the Ball" Baldelli
    33B Homer "The Gooch" Twang
    34B Timmy "The Fist" Shrapknuckle
    35B Chuck "The Chucker" Stang
    36B Earl "Rat-Lips" Flick
    37B Sondra "The Wank" Proudfoot
    38B Marty "Dandy" Torpedos
    39B Seymore "The Stick" Faz
    40B Spilvey "The Rock" Glik
    41B Chester "Spunky" Thread
    42B Bart "The Swollen Egg" Lobb
    43B Barbie "The Lobster Bib" Coals
    44B Sean "The Munchkin" Splat

    • Manufacturer: O-Pee-Chee
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    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 066114500508
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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