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2023 Historic Autographs Gilded Age Hobby Pack

2023 Historic Autographs Gilded Age Hobby Pack

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Product News:
  • DA Drops 2/6-2/10 | February 8th 2023

    Folks! Captain Ferdinand here and I’m back with a brand new DA Drops for you. DA Drops is your one stop shop for all info on this week’s new card...

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  • 2023 Historic Autographs Gilded Age Hobby Pack

    Gilded Age cards feature hundreds of topics including people, events, concepts, and art. Each base card has a captivating photograph or illustration with a descriptive history on the back. Trading cards are a fun way to learn: you can start with any card and learn randomly or reorder them by date, topic, or subject. The 330-card base set includes Robber Barons, Railroads, Monopolies, Industrialization, Yellow Journalism, Immigration, the Titanic, the Gold Rush, and Manifest Destiny, with cards #221-330 being super short printed (SSP).

    This period of American History, approximately 1869-1912, featured rapid industrialization, minimal regulation and opulent Society gliding over political corruption, unemployment and crushing poverty. See what life was really like during this time. Meet the robber barons, see where they lived and how they got so so rich. Learn about Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Hearst, Ford, Rockefeller, Pullman cars, Boss Tweed, the Gibson girls, Edison v. Tesla, bloody labor strikes and scandals and so much more!

    Introducing our exciting 21st pack base card parallels which include an alternative design to the base set, featuring 8 bright holographic Aurora color versions. Each 21st pack contains 5 cards, with one being numbered to 32 or less!

    Card subsets include:

    • Base Cards & Parallel Sets
    • Buy Back Cards
    • Written Word Relic Cards
    • Autograph Cards
    • Shipwreck Relic Cards
    • Dirt Relic Cards
    • 1/1 Artist Sketch Cards
    • Fabric and Button Cards
    • Single and Dual Historic DNA Cards
    • 5th Avenue Mansion Lenticular Cards
    • Victorian Pin-up Cards (Hobby Exclusive!)

    Autograph Checklist:

    • Ty Cobb
    • John D. Rockefeller
    • Jenny Lind
    • Charles Dickens
    • Thomas Edison
    • Jacob Riis
    • Vanderbilt family members
    • Queen Victoria
    • Horace Greely
    • Phineas T. Barnum
    • Presidents Cleveland, Hoover, Taft & McKinley

    Configuration: 5 Cards per Pack

    • Manufacturer: Historic Autographs
    • Product: Historic Autographs
    • Series:
    • Release Date: February 8th, 2023

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