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Sub-Mariner #9 FN-
  • Sub-Mariner #9 FN-

Sub-Mariner #9 FN-

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  • Sub-Mariner #9 FN-

    Sub-Mariner #9 FN-1st app of King Naga, a Lemurian emperor. Helmet of Power revealed to be the Serpent Crown, a vessel of Set's power - appeared as the Helmet of Power in Tales to Astonish #101.

    More Comic Details

    Cover Details:

    • Characters: Sub-Mariner [Namor McKenzie], Lady Dorma (wearing the Serpent Crown)
    • Letters: typeset
    • Title: The Spell of the Serpent!

    Inside Pages Details:

    • Characters: Sub-Mariner [Namor McKenzie], Naga (introduction, villain, in flashback), Karthon (introduction, villain), Tiger Shark [Todd Arliss] (villain), Lemurians (introduction), Lady Dorma, Lord Vashti, Lord Seth, Ikthon, Var-Tov
    • Title: The Spell of the Serpent!

    • Manufacturer: Marvel
    • Product:
    • Series:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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