2008/09 NHL SP Game Used Fight Strap Cards!

Upper Deck continues to push hockey cards to new heights by creating innovative products. As a way of paying tribute to the physical nature of hockey, they have created a new insert set around the fight strap that NHL jerseys include. The small strap at the back of jerseys is designed to keep the jersey from coming off when it comes time to drop the gloves and an opponent begins pulling on the jersey.

2008/09 NHL SP Game Used releases on January 28. The cards will definitely be rare as the strap is so small, they can only produce a small amount of them. Single cards will be numbered to just three copies and the combo versions will be one-of-one cards. Since these cards will be more premium, they will be produced on a thicker card stock, similar to a patch card.
Here are some examples:

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  1. SacBunt January 23, 2009 at 8:52 pm #

    So what’s it take to get that Ovie card?