We Want Your Feedback!

After taking in tons of customer feedback, months ago we decided it was time to give dacardworld.com a fresh look. We wanted to make our site easier to use for all of our customers. Our main goals were to clean up the navigation, make the search better and easier to use, and allow customers to pay through Paypal directly on our site and over the phone.

In our efforts we hope that the site has become more user friendly, but the only true way for us to find out is to get your feedback. Have questions, comments, likes, dislikes, or anything to say about the site? Send them in the form below and we will automatically enter you to win a $100 shopping spree at dacardworld.com

(Note from the Webmaster: Wishlists are coming back, I didn’t feel they were ready for the new launch yet. I’m working hard to bring them back!)

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