#MVPMonday: Will Mason

MVPs show up, they follow through, and they truly believe their goals are important. At Dave & Adam’s our employees are our all-stars… our favorite MVPs in the game!

This week’s #MVPMonday is Will Mason, our Vintage Comic Buyer.

Will has been an employee with Dave & Adam’s since 2003.  He started with us as a retail store associate, but his background and skill set has allowed Will to work in various departments like product management, IT and accounting as well.

“It has been great to go from starting out as a retail associate to being able to spend millions of dollars a year on comic books! It’s a testament to the growth of Dave & Adam’s over the years and our ability to scale and adapt very quickly.”

As our Vintage Comic Buyer, Will was instrumental in the launch and growth of our comics division for our Dave & Adam’s customers.  The company’s first ever comic book event is one of Will’s most memorable times with the company.

“Setting up as a company for the first time at the Baltimore Comic Con in 2012 is an experience that I’ll never forget.  The reaction and response from other established comic book dealers that Dave & Adam’s was now in the comic book industry was amazing.  Entering into an established marketplace that we weren’t a part of previously was an instance that showed just how prominent we were as a collectibles company.  Even just starting out in comics, we knew that D&A was going to become a major player in that industry.”

Fast forward almost ten years later, and Will is still a part of growing the comic book category at Dave & Adam’s. Just last week, Will held an Instagram LIVE comic event showcasing some books we have for sale and giving customers the option to claim them live on stream.

“ It was awesome! This industry is constantly changing and you need to be able to adapt quickly in order to be successful. We will definitely do more LIVE events in the future!”

Thank you Will for being a part of the driving force that makes Dave & Adam’s one of the best in the business.

Thank you for joining us for another MVP Monday!

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