#MVP Monday Tyler Prigionieri

You know the drill, it’s MVP Monday! Today we are highlighting Tyler Prigionieri, our Director of Content Production.

Before starting at Dave & Adam’s, Tyler had some extremely unique and incredible opportunities and was able to build a very impressive resume. For a little over two years, he worked for NBCUniversal in daytime syndication executively assisting the Executive Producers in show organization. Some of his responsibilities included script supervision, talent management and travel. After his time in national TV, Tyler moved to Buffalo, NY to pursue his dream, of becoming a Director. He did just that and was named the Director of UB Men’s Basketball games for the in-house Jumbotron. He transitioned into eSports, working  for one of the largest teams called Splyce – now taken over and rebranded by Overactive Media of Toronto. In March of 2021, he thankfully made his way to our team at Dave & Adam’s.

When Tyler moved to Buffalo four years ago, he distinctly remembers being told about our retail store. He was in search of the Famous Bills Mafia uniform, the “Zubaz,” and went to our store on a mission! When he entered the store for the first time he was mesmerized by the thousands of sports and gaming cards. Pokémon was something he loved as a child, so he was tempted!

“I was a customer before I even became an employee, and I think that is important in my DACW origin story.”

Even though Tyler has only been with the company for a few months he has already learned A TON. What sticks out most is the many different people within the industry. Collectors come from all different backgrounds and each have their own reasons for why they are in the hobby. Tyler enjoys the opportunity to interact with everyone, there was one specific collector that stood out to him.  At the 2021 National Sports Collectors Convention, Tyler met a man who has been collecting for over 50 years.  The man didn’t care about the money or the flashy cards.  What he cared about most was completing specific sets of cards that he’s had since he was a child. He truly just loved collecting and this was something that really resonated with Tyler.  “I believe that is the core of this industry and is something I hope to convey in our content here at Dave & Adam’s,” said Tyler.

 While Tyler has only been here for a few months, there are a few moments that get him excited for the future.  The digital landscape has taken over the world by storm these past few years, giving Tyler a promising opportunity to take advantage of.  He loved being able to be a part of our Instagram Live Comic Claim Sale run by our very own Will Mason.  “Getting the chance to help Will creatively show our customers what Comics we have available for them in a live production brings me to my roots,” said Tyler.

Tyler is also extremely proud of our newest content series, “The Standard” hosted by our Director of Athletic Relations – Chris Bandura.  This series, originated from Tyler’s idea to connect us with athletes and entertainers that have either been on the cards we love to collect, or embrace the hobby.  The series has seen individuals such as Howard Johnson, Brian Gionta, and Nick Mendola with more to come!

Having Tyler around has been awesome for everyone at Dave & Adam’s and the work he is producing is only the beginning. We can’t wait to see what new content he comes up with and are excited to work alongside him as he does it.

Thank you Tyler for being our MVP!

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