#MVP Monday: Dave Stevens

Welcome back to another MVP Monday! We are excited to introduce you to Dave Stevens, our MVP this week!

When you visit our website, many of the pictures you see are shot by Dave. Whether it’s photos of our new releases or a signing event at our retail store, he is our guy! 

Dave has been our product and event photographer for almost two and a half years and produces dynamite photos daily. With nearly 20 years of experience, he has worked as a graphic designer and concert photographer throughout his career. On top of working full time for Dave and Adam’s he is still able to shoot concerts from time to time and shared that Slipknot, an American heavy metal band, was one of his favorite concerts he’s ever shot!

As you could imagine, the jump from photographing live music to memorabilia was quite a change of pace, but it was no sweat for Dave. As someone who was already well versed in sports memorabilia and collectables, he had no problem coming in and photographing our products with confidence.

Capturing some of the most rare and valuable items in the industry takes a lot of practice and patience. The importance of taking great pictures is crucial because it gives customers a high quality first look at an item they may be interested in purchasing. As a company that is predominantly ecommerced based, our products depend on the photos that Dave takes. Without high quality images, our products lose credibility, so thank you Dave for always highlighting what we have in the best light….literally!

Dave admits that there are a few challenges that come with photographing sports memorabilia, the main one being the reflection of Chrome Helmets. Dave tries his best to hide out in the logo, but sometimes being completely hidden just isn’t possible and you still may see him. Next time you see a helmet release, take a close look to see if you can spot Dave lurking in the logo!

Every photo Dave takes is a representation of himself. The passion he brings to our company is something that is shown every day through his work. 

Thank you Dave for all that you do and we look forward to seeing some more of your incredible photos!

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