#MVP Monday: Bobbi-Lynn Marshall

Welcome back to another MVP Monday. Today we are highlighting an important member of our team here at Dave and Adam’s, Bobbi-Lynn Marshall our Director of Human Relations! HR is a vital piece to any company and we are very lucky to have Bobbi-Lynn lead the way for us. We sat down with our MVP and asked her a few questions.

Do you have any collections of your own?

Bobbi-Lynn: “I collect Smurfs.  On the sports side, I followed Dave Winfield from his time with the Yankees through his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I have 507 different Winfield cards from his RC in 1974 through the mid 90’s.  Though all are not in perfect condition nor are they graded, acquiring the collection has been fun.

Wow. We love asking this question because it is one of the main reasons for our existence as a company. We love being able to provide products that inspire people’s collections and pride ourselves on continuing to do our part to grow the hobby. It is truly special to have someone like Bobbi-Lynn, who enjoys collecting, work for our company.

What did you do for work before Dave and Adam’s?

Bobbi-Lynn: “I worked almost 25 years with Sam’s Club as a cashier, front end supervisor, cash office team leader and my last 18 years as a personal trainer coordinator.”

What attracted you to work at Dave and Adam’s?

Bobbi-Lynn: “Though not an expert in any one particular sport I love to watch sports.  Combining my love of helping employees on a human resource level with my love of sports made it an easy decision to apply to DACW.”

Bobbi-Lynn would agree that a love for sports is something we look for when hiring people at Dave and Adam’s. Most of our products revolve around sports and as you may know card values are highly dependent on a player’s athletic performance. Obviously, we do have more than just sports here and we’ve highlighted many of our entertainment, gaming, toy and comic experts in previous MVP Mondays. 

What inspires you to be the best at your job?

Bobbi-Lynn: “The comfort of helping employees. Whether it be an HR issue or a lending ear for people.”

Bobbi-Lynn is someone who our employees feel comfortable talking to and that is extremely important when working in human resources. She is a member of the “Leisure League” at Dave and Adam’s, which is a committee that’s dedicated to holding events for staff morale. This includes corn hole tournaments, events over the holidays and a cheese party every Wednesday!

What is your favorite product that we sell?

Bobbi-Lynn: “Panini One, though I have not personally bought any.”

If you aren’t familiar with the Panini One product you should definitely check it out. In this product you are guaranteed one on-card autograph per box, so if you aren’t a fan of base cards and want to get right to the good stuff this is definitely your best bet.

What has been your biggest challenge here, and what did you do to solve it on your own?

Bobbi-Lynn: “Hiring needs through the pandemic.  Scheduled job fair and held open interviews”

Like any company, we had our challenges during the pandemic. Bobbi-Lynn worked hard to find solutions for many of our challenges we found with filling hiring needs. She scheduled job fairs and held multiple open interviews to help fill the gaps that this growing company needed.

Thank you Bobbi-Lynn for giving people a closer look into your life. We appreciate everything you do here at Dave and Adam’s and are excited to call you our MVP! Join us next week for another MVP Monday!

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