Buckle up everybody, it’s Monday, which means its MVP time! For those of you who are new, here at Dave & Adam’s we like to highlight a member of our team every Monday! Today we figured we’d switch it up a little and highlight one of our furry friends, because pets are always MVPs!

Everyone meet Belle, a two year old golden doodle from Buffalo, NY! Now obviously Belle does not work at Dave & Adam’s, but she is owned by our Director of Social Media and we think that counts for something.

You may not know it, but dogs are more involved in collecting than you may realize. Think back to that time when you were opening up a box of cards in your living room and you pulled “THE CARD OF A LIFETIME.” Who was in the corner laying there just as excited as you? That’s right, your dog and the fact that they were able to share that moment with you is pretty special if you think about it.

As you can see Belle is one of those dogs who loves collecting, and her favorites to collect are the cards that taste the best…just kidding! Belle has luckily not gotten ahold of any cards yet, but she does get into pretty much anything, so cards could possibly be a target in the near future.

Besides chewing on stuff, Belle loves long walks, playing with her little tiny friend Baxter and eating food off the kitchen table when her mom isn’t looking, uh oh.

As an honorary member of MVP Monday, we thank you Belle for all that you do and for most importantly keeping our Social Media Director sane!

Thanks everyone for stoping by for MVP Monday, and if your pet loves collecting send us a picture. We’d love to share them on our social media!

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