Five Spooky Comic’s to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Halloween is tomorrow, so we wanted to break down some of the spookiest comics we have here at Dave and Adam’s. The five comics were selected by our very own, Comic Buyer Will! If you aren’t familiar with Will go check out his social and give him a follow @comicbuyerwill. 

1. Chamber of Chills #19: This comic features what is considered to be the most iconic pre-code horror covers in history and the reason this comic is so highly sought after by collectors. This cover was also famously used as the artwork for the misfits’ 1984 single “Die, Die My Darling” adding even more to the hype. Sixteen years ago, Heritage Auctions sold a highly graded copy of Chamber of Chills No. 19 for $126.50, which many people believe was a steal! It most recently sold in July for $6,070.80, while bearing a far lesser grade.

2. Crime SuspenStories #22: This comic boasts one of the most notorious covers in history featuring a creepy image of a man with a bloody axe holding a woman’s head up, which has been severed from her body. The cover was once questioned for being in bad taste and stirred the pot within the comic world. Over the years, many comic books have paid homage the cover of Crime SuspenStories #22 not only for its striking subject matter and composition, but for also giving artists and authors the courage and ability to freely create without fear of government censorship.

3. Captain America Comics #74: This is the last Captain America story of the 1940s until he is finally seen again in Young Men #24 in 1954. This comic features only one Captain America, but has multiple other spooky stories. In Captain Americas story the villain, Red Skull has managed to gain access to Satan’s book of damned souls and hopes to trap Captain America in the afterlife forever. On Earth, Captain America is awoken from his sleep by a knock at the door. Answering it he is shocked to find a demon waiting at his door. Will Captain America prevail or will he be trapped in hell forever?

4. Tales from the Crypt #20: Featuring the 1st Appearance of the Crypt Keeper from the HBO series “Tales From the Crypt” this comic begins as Teenagers remove a body from a casket in order to dress as a mystically-summoned monster and place one of their own inside as a prank. However, the undertaker is unaware of this and buries the body. When they tell him that he must dig it back up, he refuses because the corpse inside died of leprosy. They all look down in horror at their hands and realize they must have contracted it.

5. Tomb of Dracula #10: Another spooky comic introducing the 1st Appearance of Blade the Vampire Hunter.  The story begins on the docks of London, where a young couple is trying to spirit off to America when they are attacked by a trio of vampires. Before they can feed on the couple they are attacked by Blade, a vampire hunter armed with wooden knives. Blade easily overpowers the vampires, stabbing them in the heart with his knives, effectively staking them and killing them instantly. Blade must now hunt by his own methods and kill Dracula on his own terms. Can he do it?

Thanks for reading everyone! We hope this got you in the Halloween spirit!

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