Dave & Adam’s gaming buyers acquire Alpha Black Lotus and more at Grand Prix Cleveland

BuyingTeamHeaderThis past weekend the gaming division traveled down to Cleveland to set up at the latest Magic Grand Prix, Grand Prix Cleveland. The event was a huge success and it was fantastic to see so many people turn out for the event. The gaming guys were able to pick up a ton of great collectibles that will be up for sale shortly on dacardworld.com.


Dave & Adam’s gaming buyers, Blaine and Alex, show off the Magic cards they purchase in Cleveland

Dave and Adam’s was able to acquire one of the most coveted cards in the history of Magic the Gathering, an Alpha Black Lotus! Here’s some of the other fantastic cards we brought back from Cleveland:

-Unlimited Ancestral Recall

-Mint Condition Portal 3 Kingdoms English Imperial Seal

-Beta Ancestral Recall

-Beta Mox Pearl

-Beta Mox Jet

-Beta Mox Sapphire

-Beta Mox Emerald

-Beta Mox Walk

-THREE Unlimited Black Lotuses and a ton of other high end Magic Collectibles!

BlaineGamingBuy31815-2 BlaineGamingBuy31815-3
We had a great time in Cleveland and can’t wait to attend our next Grand Prix in Las Vegas this May. It is going to be the largest event ever and we are going to make it one of our biggest buying shows ever by bringing a ton of cash. Remember that we are always buying tons of different collectibles at dacardworld.com!

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