2021 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day

The popular Upper Deck promotion returns for it’s 12th year! Hockey card collectors and fans throughout North America will celebrate National Hockey Card Day on Saturday, July 24th!

Originally planned for May 1st, National Hockey Card Day was delayed due to the pandemic…shocking, we know!

Collectors in the United States and Canada can grab a free 2021 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day pack from any participating Certified Diamond Dealer store (yes, Dave & Adam’s retail store is one!).

Both the US and Canadian packs feature five cards per pack, however they are slightly different. The base set for Canadians consists of players that were either born in Canada or play/played for a Canadian team. On the other hand, the American version contains stars born in the US or players that have played for a team based in the United States.

Once again, both versions will have autographs randomly inserted into packs.

In addition, Upper Deck has a purchase option component associated with this promotion. Spend $10 on Upper Deck products at your Certified Diamond Dealer retail location and you will get a Rookie Moments bonus card!

Stay tuned as we will provide more information like player checklist and card images as they become available!

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