2014 Bowman Sterling Football preview

2014 Bowman Sterling Football comes stacked with autograph and memorabilia cards. Each six-pack box contains a total of 13 auto or memorabilia cards with one of each inserted in every pack plus a bonus box topper. Special note: Images are pre-production samples. Players will appear in NFL uniforms in the finished product.

The base set contains 100 cards with five levels of parallels numbered to 99 or less and one-of-one printing plates of each card. Rookie base cards also have autographed versions that include a similar array of parallels. Bowman has included short printed autographed cards of both rookies and veterans. The veteran short prints contain an image of the player from their rookie season. Short printed autograph cards are numbered and have four levels of parallels numbered to 50 or less.

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Multi-autograph cards come in Dual and Triple formats. Dual auto cards are numbered to 25 while Triple are numbered to ten. Both have special patch version that are numbered to only five.


2014 Bowman Sterling Football has an unique autographed booklet card that is numbered to only five. The Ultimate Rookie Autograph card is a five-panel, chrome refractor book card that was signed by 40 players that attended the NFLPA Rookie Premiere.

Autographed Rookie Relics come sequentially numbered with six levels of parallels. Parallels are numbered to 99 or less plus Blue Wave and SuperFractor parallels come with a patch. Printing Plates also contain patch pieces and there are four plates per player.

Rookie Dual Relics will contain one jersey swatch plus a piece of a patch. Dual relic cards have five levels of parallels numbered to 99 or less plus four Printing Plates per subject. Look for special case hit Pulsar Refractor Dual Autographed Dual Patch cards.


Every box of Bowman Sterling has a special box topper that is either a Jumbo Rookie Patch Blue Wave Refractor or Autographed Purple Wave Box Topper. The Blue Wave Refractors have four levels of parallels numbered to 75 or less plus Printing Plates. Purple Wave Box Toppers have one-of-one SuperFractor parallels available. .


2014 Bowman Sterling Football Hobby Box

2014 Bowman Sterling Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 6 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack
  • Six Dual Relics OR Dual Patches Per Box!
  • Four Rookie Autographs Per Box!
  • One Rookie Autograph Patch Per Box!
  • Devonta Freeman RC's!


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