Topps is pleased to announce that 2012 Topps Archives Baseball, which streets in less than 2 weeks, features major additions! The product, which already includes two autographs per hobby box, all your favorite classic Topps designs, cool inserts, original Topps cards, items from the Vault and more….just got better!


  • ·         Redemption Cards for Bryce Harper’s first Autographed Rookie Card!  This on-card beauty is in the 1984 Topps design.


  • ·         Autographed Rookie Cards of pitching phenom Yu Darvish.


  • ·         Six-Player Autographed Book Cards.  10 cards and all 1 of 1’s.


  • ·         The first-ever “Touched By Greatness” Autographed card.  This oversized card not only features Cal Ripken, Jr.’s signature, but his hand print as well!


  • ·         “I said sweep the leg!”…Hobby Box Loaders highlighting autographs from Martin Kove (the Sensei) and Billy Zabak (Johnny) of the Karate Kid.


  • ·         Hobby Case Loaders…Find 100 different original Topps player contracts.


  • ·         Fifty 1 of 1 Cut Signatures from the most beloved names of the 1980s.


  • ·         Frank Robinson Autographed buybacks…88 in all.


  • ·         50 redemption cards for a 2012 Topps Archives uncut sheet.

2012 Topps Archives Baseball … WOW!




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