Topps unveils promotions and exclusive cards for National

2014-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-MainNews about the 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago is starting to pick up with just about two weeks until show. Topps announced on Monday additional details about their promotions and redemption programs for the show.

Topps already announced plans about their VIP party, which will kick off the show on Wednesday, July 29. VIP attendees will receive a special pack of cards inspired by 1953 Bowman Baseball.

BryantAGdiecut-740x1024 SayersAGdiecut

With 2015 Allen & Ginter Baseball coming out the week before the show, Topps has a special promotion in place for collectors that buy a box during the National. Topps has created special Allen & Ginter 10th anniversary die-cuts featuring stars from baseball, football and other arenas. Collectors will receive a pack with every box of A & G they open at the show.

Topps also has a show-exclusive three-card pack featuring Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa and Byron Buxton using the 2015 Gypsy Queen design. Packs may include special parallel versions. Collectors receive a pack for every box of select Topps and Bowman products they open.

Products eligible for this promotion include:

Baseball: All 2015 Topps® and Bowman® Baseball hobby boxes, excluding Opening Day.

Football: 2014 Bowman® Football; 2014 Bowman® Chrome® Football; 2014 Bowman® Sterling® Football; 2014 Topps® Chrome® Football; 2014 Topps® Chrome® Mini Football; 2014 Topps® Platinum Football; 2014 Topps® Prime Football; 2014 Topps® SupremeTM Football; 2014 Topps Finest® Football; 2014 Topps Fire™ Football; 2014 Topps® Football Jumbo HTA; 2014 Topps Museum™ Collection Football; 2014 Topps® Triple Threads® Football; 2014 Topps® Valor® Football; and 2015 Bowman® Football.

Soccer: 2015 MLS Soccer hobby box

UFC: 2015 Topps UFC Knockout hobby box

Topps will also be doing several case breaks during the National from the Case Breakers Pavilion. Dave & Adam’s own DACW Live breakers will be taking part in one of those breaks.

Check out Dave & Adam’s 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention information page for the latest details and promotions connected to the show.

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