Logofractors are AMAZING!

Topps baseball fans are always quick to try and find out where Topps Chrome is on the release calendar. It’s a flagship product during the MLB season as much as the actual Series 1 and 2 products are.

Over the years, Chrome has expanded and produced many offshoots, including Cosmic, Sonic, Sapphire, and Update, but did you know about Logofractor? Logofractor is pretty exclusive, and if you’re not paying attention, you may miss that it’s even a thing. You know what else you don’t want to miss? Subscribing to our channel and liking this video! We appreciate all the support.

Debuting in the 2022 MLB season, Topps brought back Logofractor for another go in 2023. Cardboard Connection says the 2022 Logofractor was available at the MLB Store in New York City and Topps.com. Fast forward a year, and you’ll only find Logofractor for sale on dacardworld.com.

But what sets Topps Chrome Logofractor apart from any other Topps Chrome? The answer is simply in the name. You’ll know a Chrome Logofractor card when you see it by gently tilting it back and forth to see the MLB logo displayed all over as the light hits it. Here’s the other thing to know about a box of Logofractor. It’s five four-card packs of 2023 Topps Chrome and two five-card packs of the exclusive Logofractor.Β 

Within the two sealed Logofractor packs is a relatively small but mighty checklist with plenty of colorful parallels to chase. We start with 110 base Logofractor cards featuring veterans from the Topps Chrome set and 52 rookies, including the top chases in Gunnar Henderson, Corbin Carroll, and Masataka Yoshida, to name a few. As for those color parallels, collectors can find purple numbered to 250, pink to 199, blue to 150, green to 99, yellow to 75, gold to 50, orange to 25, red to five, and the rose gold one-of-one.

Base image variations are chasers as well, with a ten-rookie card checklist. It features those I mentioned before, alongside Anthony Volpe, Josh Jung, Michael Harris II, and Jordan Walker. We’ve pulled the Josh Jung, Gunnar Henderson, and Corbin Carroll variations on our Fanatics Live stream, and I tell you what, from what I’ve seen, these have solid resale value on secondary markets like eBay. There are also autograph versions of these variations numbered to 25.

And speaking of autographs, 31 of the 110 players in the base Logofractor checklist signed for the product with green, orange, and superfractor one-of-one parallels. One of two inserts in this set is also a featured autograph in the Logofractor set. Future Stars, another signature set highlighted by the young up-and-comers in the league, are out of 99 but can also be found in orange and superfractor.Β 

Now, non-base or autographed parallels included in Logofractor are Technicolor and Future Stars. The Future Stars has a blue, green, yellow, gold, orange, red, and rose gold parallel to its base Logofractor card. Technicolor, on the other hand, has an orange, red, and rose gold parallel. We unearthed arguably one of the most valued cards in the set with the rose gold Technicolor Corbin Carroll on Fanatics Live.

Oh, and did we mention these are MVP Buyback eligible? Yes, that’s right, the ever-popular program allows collectors to turn in any Shohei Ohtani or Ronald Acuna Jr. cards that you find in Logofractor for credit on dacardworld.com or our Dave & Adam’s retail store! Base is worth $20, Logofractor is $40, color parallels numbered to 250, 199, and 150 are worth $100, and parallels numbered to 99, 75, 50, 25, 5, and 1 are $200!

There’s only one thing left! Grab a box on dacardworld.com and rip it yourself, or rip it live in the 2 Bros or Live Lounge and find Chrome Logofractor group breaks on Fanatics Live!

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