DACW Live to hold first Star Wars group break


The Force is strong with DACW Live. Our live breakers will be holding their first group break of a Star Wars product on September 23 as they will be opening a hobby case of Star Wars: Journey to The Force Awakens.

The break will have an unique format with 12 slots up for grabs. All hits in the break (Autographs, Sketch Cards, Patch Cards, Buyback Cards, & Printing Plates) will be placed in a draft. There will be 24 total hits in the case, which means each slot holder will wind up with two cards each. The hits will be selected via a snake draft with draft order determined randomly.

The remaining base and inserts cards will remain in the box they were pulled from. Each box will be numbered 1-12, and then the boxes will be randomly assigned to each slot holder. Every person that person that buys a slot will receive two hits through the draft and a randomly assigned box of base card and inserts.

Slots are just $94.95, which is the same price as a hobby of Journey to The Force Awakens.

148438As an added bonus, everyone that buys a slot will have a chance to win a card autographed by David Prowse, the actor that played Darth Vader in the original trilogy.


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