2023 Bowman Mega Boxes Have a Hobby Drop This Season

As if there wasn’t enough hype around the 2023 Bowman Baseball product already, with the $1 million lifetime bounty we put up for the Druw Jones Superfractor autograph, mega boxes are now up to bat for a hobby release.

Bowman Mega Boxes return this season with the top 50 base set and 50 Chrome Prospect cards

on the exclusive Mega Chrome pattern, which comes with a rainbow of refractor parallels like aqua, navy, purple, green, yellow, and more.

ROY Favorites Mega average out to about two per box, with parallels possible, as well, Sights on September fall about one per box with possible parallels.

Other features include base Image Variations Mega, which Topps says are limited, and autographed Chrome Prospect Image Variations numbered to 25. The base and auto versions have a 1/1 black refractor parallel and an orange refractor parallel.

Chrome Prospect Mega and Chrome Rookies Mega autographs are also a part of the checklist. The rookie autos are out of 99 with the familiar orange and black refractors. Prospect autos include other color refractors like blue, green, orange, and black.

While the box comes with four base chrome packs, collectors will want to get their hands on the two exclusive Mega Chrome packs additionally included.

Topps says we can expect these later in the month.

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