White of Rebuild Southwest Florida joins The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy hump day ladies and gents. Another episode of The Chase has come and gone, and what an episode it was. 

Today, the broadcast welcomed Nathalie White of Rebuild Southwest Florida. White is one of the co-founders of the initiative that helps residents of southwest Florida clean up rubble and debris that were caused by the devastating Hurricane Ian. 

While White and volunteers have cleaned up plenty of properties, what they found in a specific pile of rubble a few weeks ago was rather interesting. 

In addition to two photo displays with autographs of “Pistol” Pete Maravich, as well as Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez and Sparky Anderson, White and crew discovered two signed NBA jerseys with the number 23. Yes, you guessed it right, the jerseys were from NBA legend Michael Jordan.

One of the jerseys was a Washington Wizards signed jersey from late in his career, as well as a signed all-star jersey. 

As far as Rebuild Southwest Florida, White said her and four students from Florida Gulf Coast University came together after realizing there wasn’t a lot of help going on following the hurricane. 

“We decided, why don’t we get 20 people to help out a community that has elderly folks that don’t have any family or insurance. So we decided to get that help,” she said. “The Instagram page started and the first day we posted three locations to help clean – three communities that we could go help clean – and we had 400 followers that first day, and then the next day it was 800 and then it just kind of blew up.” 

White added that the rapid growth of the group was shocking and astounding, as she chuckled saying the group was only looking for 20 people. 

“We really felt like the community needed us to be that voice and to provide that clarity and where to go help,” White said. 

The moment the group found the MJ jerseys was a one-of-a-kind moment, White said, and the jerseys were like nothing they had discovered amongst the Hurricane Ian rubble. 

“We found so many cool things – we found so many things in these last five months, but I think the Michael Jordan jerseys are the coolest,” she said. “They were in these orange packages that were wrapped in this orange bubble wrap, and we were using them to step on to get to other debris. So, we didn’t even know what we were stepping on. … It wasn’t until one of the volunteers decided to open one of them up and that’s the video we posted. I knew it was a cool find, but I didn’t know it would go viral.”

Viral it indeed went, as multiple platforms posted the jerseys across the internet. Meanwhile, White said RSWFL hopes they can get the jerseys back to their rightful owner soon. At the time of writing, White said they think they have an idea where the owner might have lived but cannot confirm who the owner is. White hoped that the number of posts of the jerseys will hopefully help put the jersey back in its rightful place. 

Moving forward, Rebuild Southwest Florida continues to look for all the support and help it can get. White said donations of gift cards have to come in to help. She added that families have booked vacations to the area from the likes of Chicago, England and more just to lend a helping hand. 

To check out more on Rebuild Southwest Florida, check out their Instagram, in addition to their Linktree.

To see the full interview with White, head to the YouTube replay.

Also on The Chase …

Following the interview with White, the crew ripped a brand spankin’ new box of 2022 Bowman Chrome University Football. 

This product includes some of the best up and coming players looking to pave their path towards the NFL. Some of the players include Caleb Williams, Bryce Young, Hendon Hooker, CJ Stroud, Will Anderson and more. 

Additionally, these cards, for the very first time, feature the athletes in their college licensed logos. So, yes, that means if you pull a Caleb Williams card, he will be in his USC jersey. 

While we didn’t pull a Williams auto, we did get quite possibly the next best thing – a CJ Stroud auto out of 99. On top of Stroud, we also pulled a Malachi Moore auto out of Alabama. 

To win these cards, simply comment on the YouTube replay who you think the first overall quarterback selected in the 2023 NFL Draft will be. 

A winner will be selected on Friday’s episode of The Chase.   

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