Walker of 1 Pack A Day Habit joins The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Another episode of The Chase down and another day closer to the holidays. On the 83rd episode of the show, the crew welcomed J.D. Walker from the Instagram account 1 Pack A Day Habit to discuss his content. 

Walker, if you don’t know, lives up to his Instagram name and rips a pack of cards per day and then posts the content on his page. What he rips though is always a mystery! Walker one day will rip 1991 Score Football and the next will be 2021 Topps Series One Baseball. 

Following his videos, Walker will take a big-name player from the pack he ripped and have a separate post educating his followers on the certain player. 

The 1 Pack A Day Habit actually came to fruition, because Walker said he was struggling focusing on some trainings for work. After reading a book on building habits that said certain habits can help yourself, he began ripping a pack a day and it eventually helped him focus and concentrate. 

“What I found was opening a pack a day did the trick for me. It helped me get my training done and do everything that I had to do. I’ve just gone from there and now I’m actually in the habit of opening a pack a day and having fun doing it,” Walker said. 

Walker said, between old and new wax, he enjoys looking at the older product and ripping the packs with “40-year-old gum.” 

While he rips packs, Walker admitted, as a San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Athletics fan, he does set quests out for himself, player wise. He added he also searches for his favorite baseball player as a young kid, Ryne Sandberg. 

Walker mentioned he enjoys the quick rip videos he makes and said, “My idea for my channel is I don’t want to waste people’s time.” He added, he can’t stand slow rolling cards and just enjoys ripping the Band-Aid and seeing which player is next in the pack. 

As far as Walker educating his followers on the player following the rip, he said, “I think it’s really cool, because it’s an opportunity to talk about people who maybe haven’t been talked about in a while. That’s something for me – because I was always more of a baseball fan – as I’m ripping old football wax, there’s people that pop up in my comments all the time like, ‘That guy was a Tennessee legend!’ I don’t know any college football stuff, at all, so when people point stuff like that out to me, I think that’s awesome. So, I love having the opportunity to go back and say, ‘Here’s this guy, he was a legend in the NLCS in ‘83 and did something cool.’ ”

As far as the hobby in general, Walker said he thinks it will continue to rise and only get better. 

“I feel like we’re in kind of a pause right now. Fanatics is obviously going to shake things up majorly, and we don’t know exactly what that looks like yet, but they have an opportunity to be really cool with what they do. I’m sure they have a plan, but you never know exactly what’s going to happen until things start rolling. I’m looking forward to the innovation. I think we’re going to see some really cool stuff over the next couple years,” Walker said. 

To check out more of Walker’s content, visit his Instagram page. 

Additionally, to see the full interview with Walker, visit the YouTube replay. 

Also on The Chase

Following the interview with Walker, the crew ripped the new release Donruss Optic UFC. The new product was composed of some decent hits, including an auto of Western New Yorker Billy Quarantillo. To win all the UFC cards involved, comment on the YouTube video what your favorite or most memorable finisher of a UFC match was. 

Because we are off on Monday, a winner will be announced on Wednesday!

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