Tyler Bielec of Hit Parade joins ‘The Chase’

By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”

Happy Friday everyone, another week of “The Chase” is in the books! To cap off the week, we brought on Tyler Bielec from our friends at Hit Parade to discuss some new topics, as well as the brand’s third consecutive Repack Brand of the Year award win from the 2022 Industry Summit. 

Bielec, the director of Hit Parade product development, was grateful and proud that HP had accomplished the “3-peat” and he’s looking forward to keeping up the high quality of the brand.


“I think it really is a testament to our team. All the guys on the team, we are constantly changing and adapting to whatever’s really new. We have a lot of guys, obviously, it’s pretty easy to be a sports fan when you work in our industry. But, being a sports fan definitely helps you be up to date with who’s hot, who’s not and trying to keep them in or out of product, depending on it. So I think that’s the biggest thing is just being able to stay up to date with everything. It’s really the key to staying relevant,” Bielec said. 

He also thanked the customers and said Hit Parade will keep pushing to put out the best product possible. 

Hit Parade has also rolled out a program for hobby shops, which Bielec explained. It’s sometimes difficult for shops to get products into their stores and Hit Parade is looking to help. On their website, it says, “This program will offer exclusive products to hobby shops that will not be for sale on the Hit Parade or Dave and Adam’s website. These products will have larger run sizes and will be offered at wholesale pricing. Also with any purchase of $25,000 or more of Hobby Shop Products, you will receive an additional 5% off your premier pricing on any other Hit Parade Products with that order or a future order.”

Bielec added, a lot shops had come up to him wondering if they could get HP products in their shop. 

“We’ve really taken the time and said it’s a part of the business that we really want to address,” he said. 

For more info on the program, visit the Hit Parade website.

Additionally, to celebrate the 3-peat as Repack Brand of the Year, Bielec announced Hit Parade launched a “3-Peat Giveaway.” 

The giveaway will have three winners for a Kobe Bryant autographed card, Michael Jordan autographed card and last but not least, an autographed Derek Jeter inaugural Yankee Stadium season patch jersey. To enter to win, click here and subscribe to Hit Parade.  

Also on “The Chase” …

Since we chatted about Hit Parade, we had to open some HP products. We ripped 2022/23 autographed platinum hockey series one and then 2022/23 series one official game puck edition. In order to win the items, comment on the YouTube video who you feel will win the Calder Trophy (Rookie of the Year) in the NHL.

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