The Chase crew rips open BTS: Do You Know Me? card game

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Howdy y’all and happy hump day! Today the crew had the opportunity to rip the new BTS inspired card game called BTS: Do You Know Me? 

The game includes question and answer cards, as well as rare collectible cards that feature the band. To play, one player will read the question and predict whether the player in the hot seat knows the answer. To do so, another player will use one of the 50 picture cards to answer each question. 

The rare collectible cards include gold, diamond, platinum and embossed platinum. The gold is in 35% of boxes, the diamond is in 15% of boxes, the platinum is in 1% of boxes, and lastly the embossed platinum is in just .002% of boxes! The others also include red- and pink-colored parallels.

The game is also a fun way to travel down memory lane with the K-Pop superstars and relive some of BTS’ best moments. 

The product is available on the DA Card World website, but on top of the English version, Dave & Adam’s is your lone source in the U.S. for the Korean and Japanese versions of the game. Those can also be found on the DACW webpage.

So, what did we pull, you may be asking? We’re happy you asked. 

On the show we ripped five boxes, which will be given to a lucky winner, and there were two gold rarity cards, a red and pink rarity and last, but certainly not least, was the platinum, which is one of the rarest cards to be featured in the product. 

Obviously, it’s not an episode of The Chase without a proper giveaway, so for those curious, to enter to win the BTS cards, comment on the YouTube video what your favorite BTS song is. Yep, it’s that simple, just comment your favorite tune from the K-Pop sensations and you are entered to win. 

Tune in on Friday’s episode, as we will pick the lucky winner then. Additionally, be sure to tune in for our live guest that day – Eric Whiteback, aka The Collectibles Guru on Twitter. 

The Guru always has some hot takes and stats regarding the hobby, so it should be an awesome interview. Set those alarms for 11 a.m. EST Friday and we’ll catch you all on the next episode of The Chase. 

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