The Chase celebrates episode 100!

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Well, folks. We did it. We didn’t get canceled, they kept us on air. The Chase celebrated episode 100, that’s right, triple digits have arrived. 

Today, the crew rang in the century mark of episodes with three guests, a congratulatory video, two versions of Gremlin Games and over $4,000 worth of giveaways. 

To start the show off, we welcomed our first two guests – CEO of Dave & Adam’s Adam Martin and Vice President of Sales and Product Development DJ Kazmierczak. 

Martin said it’s exciting to see The Chase reach 100 episodes, saying “We’re really pleased with the results of everything we’ve done via YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok has gone crazy for us and, of course, The Chase. I’m hopeful we have, at some point, a full slate of programming.”

Kazmierczak said he’s been a collector since a young age and admitted the hobby has changed a bunch since then. 

“I got into the business sort of by accident. Once I started kind of consulting, if you will, then the passion for it fired up and I wanted to figure out how to get into it full time. I entered via the old SkyBox company,” Kazmierczak said. 

He added that the industry, including the product and distribution, has evolved quite a bit.

The duo went on to discuss how 2022 was for the hobby and what’s in store for the next year. 

Martin also announced some big plans coming to Dave & Adam’s Card World for 2023. 

To hear the full interview with the duo, click here.

Following more giveaways, the crew interviewed Ryan of Card Collector 2 on Instagram. Ryan has started his Instagram page back in 2013 and has grown quite the following over the years. He has a big time collection of cards and jerseys, but he also gets a ton of love for his content. 

In his interview, Ryan took us on a ride of how his journey in the hobby began, and also gave insight on his collection. 

He added the importance of content creation in the hobby and how important it is to keep kids involved in the hobby, because eventually they are going to be the ones that take over when the hobbyists now are older. 

Additionally, he gave a great piece of advice for those who may be looking for a start in the hobby. 

“Understand how long it takes,” he said. “Enjoy the journey. I think that’s the important thing. When I was young and Instagram really started to take off in like 2016, I noticed this could be good. … I think looking back on it, that’s one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most – the journey. You get to the top of one mountain and you can be at the bottom of another. The goal isn’t the top of the mountain, the goal is the journey on the mountain. Know that it takes a long time and enjoy it.”

For the full interview with Card Collector 2, click here!

All in all, the 100th episode had 10 giveaways to the Twitch stream and we also gave out five awards in the first edition of “The Chaseys.” 

These awards were given out to five different people in the chat and were as follows:

  • Top Chatter: ChardFarley
  • Chat Dad: mister_lumbherg
  • Chat Fam: h_cooper, Ecooper32, Christov
  • Positive Influence: bloomie23
  • Moderator: PJG

The Chase thanks all the viewers, guests and supporters of the show throughout the first 100 videos. We appreciate all the love and look forward to the next 100 and then some. 

To see the full 100th episode, click here!

For more information on everything Dave & Adam’s Card World related, visit or visit all the social media platforms here.  Additionally, check out all of The Chase’s social media here!  

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