Stephanie of Mamabreaks joins ‘The Chase’

By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”

Another Monday in the books, and another week full of “The Chase” episodes begins. Today, the crew welcomed Stephanie of Mamabreaks on Instagram. Mamabreaks, if you don’t know, has gained quite the following on her social media platforms. Her journey into breaking was no ordinary one, as she was actually a teacher prior to getting into the breaking world. She also gave her perspective on what she enjoys breaking and the current status of women in the hobby. 

Growing up, Stephanie said she collected Pokémon, but also played softball and was a huge fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. She said she didn’t consider herself a collector, but more of a “pack ripper” who kept all her favorite players. 

As she grew up into adulthood, approximately two years ago she decided that she needed a hobby and something to do on the side. She decided it would be awesome to start getting back into cards, something that she and her two children could do together.

“From there, I started joining breaks and my husband said ‘You love this stuff, I feel like you would be good at it,’ and he kind of encouraged me to start,” she said. 

She admitted, eBay was her first introduction to the hobby where she noticed the cards looked much different than they used to. 

Before breaking, though, Stephanie said she was a teacher. At the time she decided to get back into the game, she was still teaching online during the pandemic. 

“I taught seventh and eighth grade English,” she said. 

As far as similarities between teaching and breaking, she said, “The whole branding aspect. Like putting yourself out there on camera, making the reels, doing interviews. … Before distance learning, being on a camera like this or doing something like this was nerve wracking for me.”

Back when she was teaching during distance learning, Stephanie said she got a little used to being on the camera, but admitted she was very nervous at the time.

“There were times I had to turn my camera off, because it was so awkward to me to have the kids watching me and then not knowing if they were watching, thinking if I look weird, but I think that really helped me come out of my shell as far as having a more comfortable presence online,” she said. 

Moving forward to the name “Mamabreaks,” she said it simply came from being a mom of two kids, as you’d likely expect. 

“It’s essentially that I thought, ‘OK, why did I start all of this?’ And it’s because I want to start a collection with my boys, and as I decided to make it a business, what drives me the most is to show my two boys that they can one day do something like this where they create a business out of their passion. And I hope Mamabreaks continues for the next decade and they’re growing up helping me build the business, too. It’s all about being a mom first,” she said.

As far as advice for up and comers, Mamabreaks simply said face the anxiety of being in front of the camera and just “flip the camera.”

Stephanie also had the opportunity to work with Women in the Hobby at the National a couple months ago and said she loved every second of it. 

“It was awesome. I’m also very grateful for the opportunity that Sarah and Tai asked me to be a part of it. I think what they’re trying to do is amazing,” she said. “(It’s our) responsibility to pave the way for future women and girls in the hobby.”

And as time goes on, more and more women are entering the hobby which Stephanie said “is amazing.”

“We bring so much of the socialization aspect of it and making it more of a community. I just see doing more things for kids in the future too. I think women are just more bound to doing things like that. I’m just happy to see it, honestly. It’s exciting,” she said. 

For more on Mamabreaks, check out her breaks on the Card Shop Live app and WhatNot on Friday nights. Additionally, visit her Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook

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