Reynolds of London Card Show joins The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy Wednesday everyone! Another episode of The Chase is in the books and what an episode it was. 

The crew welcomed London Card Show Founder and CEO Harry Reynolds on to the broadcast and ended with a great box of Illusions Football. 

Reynolds discussed the upcoming London Card Show that will be taking place this weekend. He added that this will be the group’s seventh show and it has continued to grow each time. 

Reynolds added that the idea for the show came during the pandemic when the height of collecting was off the charts. 

“I saw there was no UK shows … so I thought, not for the monetary factor, but more for the fact that I wanted to be a part of shows and get the UK community really going. I set one up and I think 10 tables and 40 people showed up in July 2021. Now, it’s grown into what it is today, thanks to the fantastic support of the UK community,” Reynolds said. 

He added that the show, despite its rapid growth, is still taking baby steps to continue to improve. 

Now here in the United States, there are shows – big and small – almost on a weekly basis. In the UK and other parts of Europe, card shows are far and few between. Due to that, Reynolds said the show welcomes collectors and hobbyists from numerous countries around the continent. 

Reynolds added that he’s been to a few American card shows, such as Dallas and Las Vegas, and after going to Dallas, he said he tries to set up his London show around what he’s noticed from that setting. 

“Dallas is kind of what we were aiming for,” he said. “We do our shows every three months, and Dallas does there’s a similar amount. … That’s what my aim is to be like the Dallas Card Show where everyone knows, if you go to that show, it’s going to be a good show.”

Looking at the differences between certain aspects of the show is also a big reason why Reynolds said he makes the trip across the pond. He said he’s noticed differences from things such as the lanyards and passes to even the people that attend the show.

With the show’s massive growth, Reynolds said there will be a main stage and 200 tables and they will also have high-end Topps personnel that will be available to chat during the show. Additionally, WhatNot will be on site for breaking. 

While tickets are sold out for Saturday, there are limited tickets available for Sunday and the trade night. To get more information on the show or to purchase tickets head to their website.

Additionally, check out their Instagram for more content.

To see the whole interview in its entirety, check out the YouTube replay.

Also on The Chase

Following our interview with Reynolds, the crew ripped a box of 2022 Illusions Football, which featured this past season’s rookie class. 

The rookies didn’t disappoint in this product either, as we pulled several of them, including a Jameson Williams patch and gold out of 299, a Kenneth Walker illusionists out of 50, an Arnold Ebiketie auto out of 199 and then a first impressions autographed memorabilia redemption of Garrett Wilson. 

On top of that, we added an elusive ink Brian Orakpo auto 75 of 75! To win all the cards, comment on the YouTube replay who you think will be the MVP of the Super Bowl this Sunday.

A winner will be announced on Friday’s episode of The Chase. 

For more information on everything Dave & Adam’s Card World related, visit or visit all the social media platforms here.  Additionally, check out all of The Chase’s social media here!   

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