Lee of Sports Cards Live joins ‘The Chase’

By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”

It’s hump day, which means another episode of “The Chase” is in the books! Today, we had the privilege of chatting with Jeremy Lee of Sports Cards Live who discussed his roles in the hobby, in addition to giving an insight on his new role with TAG. 

In addition to all his responsibilities, Lee is also an avid vintage hockey collector with a huge collection. 

What’s funny about Lee is, he admitted he wasn’t in the media or anything like that before he started his Sports Cards Live show. Prior to his roles in the hobby, Lee was in the finance and accounting business. Lee then said, he got back into the hobby in April 2020 when he wanted to sell some vintage hockey cards. 

“I reached out to a vintage Facebook group and I said, ‘Hey, do you guys mind if I live stream to your group and sell cards that way,’ ” Lee said. “So I did that a couple days later, streamed live and it was my very first time. It was about an hour and a half and I sold a bunch of cards and I got a lot of great feedback from people saying, ‘That was a lot of fun, you should do that again.’ ”

From there, Lee decided he should start his own group to continue and called it Sports Cards Live and from the first episode, he began interviewing guests and it took off from there. 

With the show, Lee said it has only enhanced his hobby experience and called it the “hobby within the hobby.” 

Lee said he began collecting as a young kid, and being from Canada, the big sport to purchase is hockey. Despite that, Lee said he would take his $2 of allowance as a kid and head to the local stores and buy anything from O-Pee-Chee hockey, Topps Basketball and baseball cards.

As far as his interviews on Sports Cards Live, Lee said he gets the vibe from his guests that there is so much information regarding the hobby that is unknown. He said it would benefit the hobby if insiders could come out and educate the hobby community to better inform them. 

Additionally, Lee said he loves getting to know the people of the hobby and hearing their stories.

“I just want to know them. I want to know the people I’m having on the show, I want the hobby to know them. I’m a firm believer that people want to do business with people that they like; people that like them,” Lee said. “I wanna know what goes on behind the scenes. I wanna know what they know that they can share with my audience and myself that will inform us as to what’s going on.” 

Recently, Lee just began a new role with TAG Grading, which grades and authenticates using computer technology. He said he linked up with TAG at the 2021 National when they came up to him and said they wanted to show him something. The something ended up being a presentation on an iPad from TAG that Lee said blew him away. 

“I kept in touch with them once every two months or so, sending emails and seeing how their development was going,” Lee said. “It was February that they reached out and said ‘We’re getting closer to launching and we’d like to consider doing a bit of information launch on a podcast, and we think you might be the right platform for us.’ I said ‘That’d be great, but I need to get to know you guys better. I need to know what I’m aligning my brand with.’ So I flew there at the beginning of March this year, spent two or three days there. … I went to the TAG office and I was absolutely blown away by what I saw – just how far along they were.” 

This led Lee to understanding that AI grading was finally here and he was thoroughly impressed. TAG then came on Sports Cards Live in June and with all the preparation and getting to know the team at TAG, Lee said the two grew a strong rapport. 

Lee’s current role in finance eventually ended in July, which catapulted conversations with TAG on how he could possibly become more involved with the company. Things then came to fruition on Aug. 26. 

He added, he believes AI grading could gain a huge crowd of attention, but he understands that people will still value the human grading element. 

For Lee, his new occupation is now a part of his 40-year-collecting hobby. He said it’s pretty surreal and every day now he is “living the dream.”

For more on Lee and Sports Cards Live, visit his Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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