Head of Toronto Sport Card Expo Menzie joins ‘The Chase’

By David Yarger

Co-Host “The Chase”

Happy Monday everybody, another episode of “The Chase” is in the books. Today we had Steve Menzie on the show who is the head guy in charge of the Toronto Sport Card Expo. On the broadcast, Menzie talked a bit about his times working with the expo, in addition to some things people can expect when they come to the show. 

The expo began in 1991 and Menzie said he’s been aboard since late 2015. Those who may not know, the expo is the second biggest show in North America behind the National. 

Before he came to the expo, Menzie dealt more with Comic Cons and he said he drew some similarities between the two events, despite being two different realms. Additionally, he said many celebrities come and check out the expo and upon seeing all the collectibles, they’re like kids in a candy store.

Menzie mentioned that he wasn’t a collector growing up, but oddly enough found himself in charge of the show with a plethora of collectibles. 

The last couple years, Canada has had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, so having the expo was a little different. Menzie said he took those times to educate himself better on collector behavior. 

“I did virtual shows. What those shows did was exactly that. It allowed me to take a deeper dive in the hobby, to understand the pay points for collector, to understand what drives it. … So, I got a better understanding and a better appreciation for the collector mentality is,” Menzie said. 

As far as the consumer experience at the expo, Menzie said he focuses on three key aspects – enabling and capitalizing on the peoples’ passion, giving back and enriching the collector experience. 

And for this weekend’s show, Menzie said visitors should expect more of everything, as this will be the biggest expo yet. 

“Expect to walk and expect to spend some time,” he said with a laugh. “Anecdotally, we see people buying more multi-day tickets, because there is so much to see. … (There will be) more card dealers, but also memorabilia, artists and collectors that are turning passions into (careers).”

He added there will be an auction site at the expo, and a motor sports area, which will include an F1 car, a driver and even a driving simulator amongst many things, on top of athletes, Q&A’s and more. Additionally, there will be several grading companies with representation at the event.

“It’s probably the best guest list we’ve ever had,” he said. 

To see the full interview and get a glimpse on everything happening with the Toronto Sport Card Expo, click here

For more information or tickets for the expo, visit the event’s website.

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