Grzybowski of CollX joins The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy New Year everybody and welcome to 2023 with The Chase! 

After a great year in review episode on Monday, The Chase kept rolling into 2023, as we welcomed David Grzybowski onto the broadcast. Grzybowski is the vice president of marketing for CollX. On top of that, he is also the founder of Grzy Media Group, a content creator, author and, of course, a collector. 

Amongst card collecting, Grzybowski also enjoys other collectibles, such as VHS, video games, cassettes and more. For example, Grzybowski showed us an example of a graded version of Madden 2004 video game he got graded that had an autograph from cover athlete Michael Vick with the inscription “The Madden Cheat Code.” 

Grzybowski used to work as a television reporter before adjusting to his current day roles. He said his time as a reporter has helped him in new endeavors, because he was able to take his storytelling skills, and throw them into the hobby perspective. He added that the hobby is fortunate to have some incredible content creators, on top of great storytellers. 

“I think with a TV/media background, you have a good idea what works and what doesn’t work,” he said. “It doesn’t take much to produce high-quality content and I think people in the hobby really respect and absorb that. … I think people respect that behind the scenes, that behind the curtain look of storytelling and giving a sneak peek into the good and the bad.”

As far as CollX, the app where you snap a photo of the card you’re looking at and get comps immediately, Grzybowski believes the app is vital to collectors. 

“CollX is changing the game. … We’re talking to collectors on a daily basis that are using the app. (There’s) a crazy amount of traction on our social media platform, as well as the app. There are exciting things in the works,” he said. 

Grzybowski added that it’s cool to meet different people who use the app – from kids to older collectors and even modern to vintage collectors. Additionally, he mentioned that CollX is adjusting with the hobby as time goes on. 

As far as what sets CollX apart from other pricing sites, Grzybowski said, “As CollX gets faster and people are scanning their cards trying to see what they’re worth, I think it’s cool … CollX gives you that average price, but it’s showing you the trajectory of the last seven days, the last six months. … I think what’ll separate CollX from the pack is not just our great story and people using our app, but the CollX marketplace is going to be a gamechanger for the hobby.”

He added that, with the marketplace, collectors can request pictures and videos of the card and it’s “super clean.”

To see the full interview with Grzybowski, check out the YouTube video.

Additionally, check out CollX’s website, as well as Grzybowski on Twitter and Instagram.

Also on The Chase

First up, The Chase got to rip the new release of 2022 Panini XR Football Hobby. Troy and I each got to rip a pack and the hits were solid. Troy was able to pull a Khalil Shakir rookie auto and I was able to grab the George Pickens auto redemption (not to brag). Fact of the matter is these cards could all be yours by commenting on the YouTube video who you believe will win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. A winner will be selected on Friday’s episode. 

Lastly, The Chase family would like to send thoughts and prayers to Damar Hamlin and his family. We are hoping for a full recovery from Hamlin and are wishing for the best!

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