Founders of Gemint join The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy Wednesday y’all, hope your Christmas weekend was incredible!

After a Monday off, The Chase was back and better than ever with a mid-week episode. Today, the crew welcomed Paul and Jason of Gemint on to the broadcast. The two are the founders of the hobby media Instagram page, but for anyone that truly knows Gemint, they know it’s much more than an Instagram page. 

On top of posting some of the most up-to-date pulls by collectors, as well as news in the hobby, Gemint’s website also provides some helpful tools for breakers and hobbyists that they showed on the episode. 

For breakers, Gemint provides a random generator with different variations and recently, for hobbyists, they created a checklist counter for products. 

With the checklists, collectors can go through a product, such as 21-22 Contenders Optic Basketball and view social media uploads from rips of the product, as well as check off hits of certain players in the product. 

The two said they began the page in late 2020 as they rediscovered the hobby. Paul added that the idea came while sitting in a Target parking lot while waiting for a vendor. 

“It was initially this idea for a catch all space for the hobby to learn, share and grow as a community, and it just crystalized as we were sketching ideas down,” Paul said. “We knew that we need to not just be a source of information and entertainment, but we also want to provide tools that improve the experience of the hobby and try to remove the friction associated with the evolving aspects of the modern hobby.”

As far as the journalistic side to Gemint, they said it’s become a mix of people sending them stories and also Paul and Jason digging for stories and confirming and reporting on them. 

Going back to the randomizer tool and the checklist that Gemint is creating, they said these tools can be very important for hobbyists. 

“I think that people wanna know what they’re spending their money on, not just in terms of sports cards, but any marketplace. I think specific to the sports card market people that are hobbyists and collectors think there’s a lot of crossovers into other sports investment activities that they’re used to participating in,” Paul said. “You wanna know exactly what it is you’re getting invested into. So, I think that this checklist provides a nice opportunity for the hobby to help itself, for everyone to get a lot sharper and to make the hobby more of what they want.”

Jason added that the checklist is a simple three-step process that will make things very easy to operate for hobbyists. 

As far as the hobby moving forward, Paul liked the direction it’s heading and thinks Gemint can have a great impact on it. 

“I think that we all believe in sports cards and believe in the hobby. … I think that’s really exciting, and I think as that growth happens in whatever direction it will go, people are going to want to be more informed and more engaged in it. They’re just going to want to know more about the hobby, not less, and I think that’s where Gemint comes in,” he said. 

To see the full interview with Gemint, check out the YouTube replay. 

Additionally, check out their website, in addition to their Twitter, Instagram and TikTok

Also on The Chase

The crew also got a chance to rip a new sport, as we ripped 2022 Prizm Racing. The hits were stellar with four autos and a Jimmie Johnson color blast insert! To win all the Prizm Racing cards, all you have to do is comment on the YouTube video who your favorite NASCAR, F1 or Indy Car driver is of all-time. 

A winner will be announced on Friday’s episode of The Chase.

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