Former NHL’er Barnaby joins The Chase set

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy hump day everybody, another episode of The Chase is in the books and what an episode it was. 

Today, the crew welcomed former NHL tough guy and enforcer – recently turned author – Matthew Barnaby to the set. Barnaby played seven seasons for the Buffalo Sabres, but also spent time with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Rangers, Colorado Avalanche, Chicago Blackhawks and Dallas Stars. 

Barnaby accrued 300 points in his career, including 113 goals, but as an enforcer, he racked up 2,562 penalty minutes over 14 seasons. 

Barnaby told The Chase some of his stories from his playing days, in addition to some of the toughest foes he faced on the ice. 

If I could say so myself, Barnaby might have been the most hilarious interview we’ve had on The Chase. The storytelling and detail that was given was not only remarkable, but funny at the same time. Barnaby also told us how he embraced being the guy that was loved by the home crowd but hated by opposing crowds.

In addition to his stories from his NHL days, Barnaby also talked to us about his new book, “Matthew Barnaby: Unfiltered.” 

He said he always wanted to write a book and get his stories and thoughts to paper, and during the pandemic his dream came to fruition. 

The book, according to Barnaby, takes you from his younger days through his NHL career and into post-playing days. With a laugh, he said, no one is going to jail because of this, and nobody is going to need a divorce.

While Barnaby gave an in-depth look into his playing days, he said the book is literally him unfiltered and the stories will blow some people away. 

In addition to the interview, Barnaby helped us rip some 2022-23 Upper Deck Series One Hockey and gave his opinions of certain players, including Jordan Binnington (you’ll want to see that part). 

To see the whole segment with Barnaby, head to the YouTube video!

Also, if you want to take a look at Matthew Barnaby: Unfiltered the book, head to Amazon!

Additionally, to win the cards we pulled with Barnaby, you’re going to have to watch the episode, because we want to know what your favorite moment of the episode was!

So, it’s simple, watch the Barnaby episode, comment your favorite part and boom, you are entered for a chance to win the UD Series One hockey cards. A winner to the giveaway will be announced on Friday’s episode of The Chase. 

Tune in for Friday’s episode with Kristina Thorson of Card Ladder!

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