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By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy Monday all you Chasers. Hope you all had a great weekend and most importantly enjoyed another edition of The Chase!

Today, the crew got to sit down with Ryan Cracknell, the hobby editor for Beckett. All the news and articles you see posted on Beckett’s website all run through the keyboard of Cracknell. He will post anything from checklists to product details and news stories of the hobby. 

What helps Cracknell in his profession is that he has also been a collector his entire life. He added, in order to be in his position, it really requires being a collector. 

For Cracknell, to be able to apply his journalism background and combine it with his passion for the hobby, he said it really is a dream scenario. 

“Being able to take something that you love – your passion – with the hobby and make it your career has been pretty awesome. I grew up believing that you should be doing something that you enjoy – the cliche of you’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you’re doing. I can’t say I love it every day, but there is a lot of cool stuff that I get to do,” Cracknell said. 

As any journalist does, Cracknell admitted he might not have the most exciting work day to talk about, but everyday he consistently stays on top of all the releases in the hobby, as well as up to date news. 

In addition to being a collector, Cracknell added that when he writes about cards, he takes the fun and enjoyment side of the hobby, rather than the monetary side, which sometimes trips people up in the hobby. 

As the interview progressed, we also got Cracknell’s thoughts on some recent products, such as the Santa Claus Downtown insert and the recent release of 2023 Topps Series One Baseball. 

To check out the full interview with Cracknell, he to the YouTube replay

Additionally, you can see more from Cracknell on his Twitter and personal website.

Also on The Chase

Following our interview with Cracknell, the crew got to rip last week’s new release of 2022 Rookies and Stars Football. 

Both autographs came via the Washington Commanders with Jahan Dotson and Brian Robinson Jr., while the two memorabilia cards were a dual patch of Garrett Wilson and patch of Tee Higgins.

On top of the hits, there were several numbered hits including a Nick Bosa out of 35 and a Thrillers Josh Allen out of 75. 

To win the cards, head to the YouTube replay and comment what your favorite cheap card in your collection is. A winner will be announced on Wednesday’s episode of The Chase. 

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