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By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Good morning! Happy Cyber Monday everyone, I hope you all got some great deals. Speaking of deals, make sure you guys are checking out the Dave & Adam’s Card World website for all the newest Cyber Monday deals. 

Listen up, we are going to add double points to the Cyber Monday sale starting at 6 p.m. today. 

Double points (and no more limits) will run for the duration of the Cyber Monday sale which ends at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

In addition to the deals, The Chase put on another stellar episode, including an interview with Jared Blez and a Bowman Chrome box rip giveaway with incredible hits!

If you haven’t heard, Blez and DACW have come together on a Superfractor Showdown. The two will each rip 25 cases of 2022 Bowman Chrome Baseball (10 hobby and 15 HTAs). Each will break all 25 cases with hopes of pulling the most one of one superfractors. The team who pulls the least amount of superfractors will give away a case of hobby and HTA away to streamers in the winning team’s chat. For more info on the break, check out a blog by Troy on the matter, or visit the DACW Live website.

Blez said the discussion for the break happened approximately 10 days before the holiday and details were ironed out. Blez’s break will be a pick your team, while the DACW break will be a random team every five cases. 

Blez said his crew has been ripping a ton of Bowman Chrome in preparation (and excitement) for the upcoming break. He added that there are less pitcher autos in the product, which has made more collectors even more enthusiastic about the product. 

“I think it’s just cool to do something together – Blez and Dave & Adam’s – two guys who (do things really well). It’s just a great partnership in my opinion,” Blez said. 

Additionally, the two sides will rip in total 50 combined cases, which Blez called fun, but also affordable to the collectors. 

Even though there’s a slight competition added to the mix, Blez added that overall the break is a great thing for the hobby and is looking forward to providing great cards and entertainment to all collectors who watch. 

“For me, I even said this to Adam (Martin), this is all about doing this for the hobby,” Blez said. “We don’t even need to make money off of this, I just want to do this to give a fun experience to all the people that love Bowman Chrome. … I just want people to hit good cards in the break and I want the experience to be great.”

For the full discussion with Blez, check out the YouTube video! Also, be sure to check out everything Blez related on their website!

Additionally, to get your spot in the Superfractor Showdown, head to the DACW Live website and get in on all the fun that will happen Friday afternoon!

Also on The Chase …

With all the talk of Bowman Chrome going on, we decided it only made sense to do a little Spring Training for Friday’s break with a box rip giveaway of the product. 

This was one of the better boxes the crew has ripped with hits such as a green refractor of Elly De La Cruz out of 99, an Anthony Gutierrez auto out of 499, a Juan Guerrero auto, an aqua ray wave out of 199 of ALCS and World Series MVP Jeremy Pena, an aqua out of 125 of Harry Ford of the Mariners and that’s on top of Julio Rodriguez, Hunter Greene, Seiya Suzuki and Oneil Cruz rookie cards. 

To win all of these hits, comment on the YouTube video who you feel will pull more one of one superfractors on Friday’s Superfractor Showdown. A winner will be announced on Wednesday’s episode. 

Additionally, there’s still plenty of time to get your Cyber Monday deals! Be sure to head to the DACW website to check out all the newest deals for the holidays!

For more information on everything Dave & Adam’s Card World related, visit or visit all the social media platforms here.  

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