Bannister of RBICru7 joins The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy Monday Chase community! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed another edition of The Chase this morning. 

Today, we welcomed Ryan Bannister of RBICru7 on to the broadcast. Bannister has run his shop just outside of St. Louis for 10+ years and has always had an interest in the hobby since a young age. On top of that Bannister also runs his own podcast called Kicking it with the Cru. 

Bannister added that RBICru7 has been breaking for some time on Instagram Live as well. 

He said he had always wanted to work in sports and was always involved in the hobby, so when the opportunity came knocking, he went for it. After working in minor league baseball, Bannister said the only person he’d ever wanna work for was himself, and in turn, that prompted his initiative to start his own shop. 

“It’s not easy. It’s a grind,” he said. “The times have changed. We opened in 2012 and a lot has changed since 2012 in the hobby and industry. Financially, the best advice I can give you is … the time, effort and passion you have to put into it is the biggest key. If you continue to believe in what you love and continue to grow on something and put the work in, anything is possible.”

Bannister said his brand began breaking all the way back in 2007 with the technology of YouTube. 

As far as his podcast, Bannister said he had been approached with the idea for years before he actually decided to go along with it. 

“It was this past fall, I went to Chicago or whatever, did the show and I just thought to myself – I couldn’t sleep one night – ‘You know what, I think I need to take an hour a week to do this podcast thing.’ I came back, I said I got the idea … let’s do it,” he said.  

From there, he said he’s done the podcast for an hour on Mondays, and it has been a stress reliever for him. 

For the full interview with Bannister, check out the YouTube replay. 

Additionally, to check out Bannister and RBICru7, check out their website, as well as their Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Also on The Chase

Following the interview with Bannister, we ripped a box of Panini Mosaic Fast Break Basketball. We were fortunate enough to pull a ton of rookies from the Cade Cunningham draft class. On top of that, we highlighted the rip with a Brad Miller autograph. 

To win the cards from the rip, comment on the YouTube replay what your favorite moment of NBA All Star Weekend was. A winner will be announced on Wednesday’s episode. 

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