Alaina & Merekat join The Chase broadcast

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy Monday everybody, hope you’re not feeling too much of a hangover from the big game Sunday night. The Chase crew got off to a good start this week as we welcomed our very own Alaina and Merekat, fresh off their week at media row in Arizona for the big game. 

The duo recently got to meet big names in the NFL and social media from the likes of Jamaal Williams, Jalen Johnson, Ron Rivera, Taylor Heinicke, Josh Richards, Pat McAfee and more. And, of course, in true hobby fashion they got to rip some packs with the people they interacted and networked with, including Pokémon with Williams and football with McAfee. 

The two also got to meet up with big time collector and hobbyist, as well as a former guest of the show, Arya of Barstool Sports. Merekat and Arya were able to do a break in the Barstool bar. That video will be uploaded to YouTube soon!

Merekat and Alaina came on to talk about their journey and tell us some of the stories from the trip. We also got to see bits and pieces of their vlogs, including the rips with Williams, McAfee and Richards. We also got to witness Alaina meeting her favorite player – Heinicke – on the broadcast. 

If you want to catch all the videos and stories the duo had to offer, head to the YouTube replay to check it out.  

Additionally on the show, we gave away four unclaimed box rip giveaways from past episodes, but we also ripped a box of 21-22 Chronicles Basketball. 

It was a hot box, as we got a Luka Doncic out of 75, a Kyrie Irving out of 99, as well as numbered rookies of Cade Cunningham. There were two autos, one being Mehmet Okur, but also a quad patch auto of Cleveland Cavaliers star Evan Mobley. 

To win all the cards in the break, head to the YouTube replay and comment which 21-22 NBA rookie you think would win the Hunger Games and why. A winner will be announced on Wednesday’s episode of The Chase. 

For more information on everything Dave & Adam’s Card World related, visit or visit all the social media platforms here.  Additionally, check out all of The Chase’s social media here!   

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