1/1 Pulling Chicken joins The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Happy Monday world! Episode 90 is in the books – can you believe there’s been 90 episodes already?!

Today, The Chase started the week off with all the new releases, some hockey and college football hobby talk and, of course, we welcomed a pretty “clucking” good guest. The 1 of 1 Pulling Chicken joined the broadcast to talk about his journey in the hobby. Chicken has built a good following on Instagram as he is highly known for his role as a breaker wearing a chicken mask. 

The Chicken gave us a little background into his beginning in the hobby, such as going and getting cards with his dad at a young age, and he of course let us in on why the chicken mask came to fruition. Like many, Chicken was into the hobby young, left it for a bit and then during the pandemic he began searching his closet and came back to it. 

He admitted, when he first noticed online breaking, he thought it was the dumbest thing of all-time, but after he watched some streams, he began enjoying the entertainment and knowledge being spilled on the cards. 

Chicken said he’s had that nickname since he was a kid, but the character started to come about after picking up a card he won in a break. Trying to stay private, he wore the chicken mask to get the card and then in a stream, he later pulled a Lamelo Ball RPA out of 99. From there, the chicken stuck. 

“If I had known that this would be a thing, I would’ve gotten a mask that I can breathe in or see,” he said with a laugh. 

In his time in the hobby, he’s done streams with other hobbyists and split boxes with people. 

“I met a lot of people doing this and I just loved the connections I made. I got involved with a couple non-profits while doing this and as my comfort of handling cards increased, I said I’d like to do this once or twice a week,” he said. 

From there, Chicken began breaking UFC cards and has become widely known for his breaks of UFC. 

He added, the mask is kind of like a secret identity and some of his own family knows about the 1 of 1 Pulling Chicken.

“I think you should embrace that if it’s something you’re into,” he said. “The amount of people I have met and been able to connect with, they impact me in a positive way and vice versa. It’s incredible and I think it’s really what you want to make out of it as you go forward. I try to be very serious when it comes to the breaking … but for the most part … there’s some ridiculous stuff in the streams. It should be as much entertainment as it is about the cards. I can help control how much fun you have while you’re hanging out in the stream.”

As far as UFC cards go, the sport is beginning to emerge in the hobby world, as it gains more and more popularity. 

“I do know there’s a lot of cards that you can get that six months ago were absurdly priced and now they’re much more friendly. I personally think … with the UFC being the largest growing sport, the global reach it has, it’s on year-round and frequently, they’ve done a great job of bringing rookies and setting up some big fights recently that it will continue to grow,” he said.

He admitted that UFC products are still a tad high but they’re becoming better. 

To watch the whole interview with the 1 of 1 Pulling Chicken, check out the YouTube replay.

Additionally, check out the 1 of 1 Pulling Chicken on Instagram!

Also on The Chase

Following the interview with the 1 of 1 Pulling Chicken, the crew ripped not one, but two boxes of 2022 Panini Select Draft Picks Football. 

There was a total of six autographs, including a D’Vonte Price tie dye numbered to 25. On top of that, there were multiple numbered cards of rookie QBs Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett and Desmond Ridder. 

To win the cards, comment on the YouTube replay who you think will win tonight’s College Football Playoff Championship and also add in a score prediction. 

A winner will be announced on Wednesday’s episode of The Chase.  

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