It’s about to get DACW Live in the Lounge at NSCC

It’s hard to believe how close we are to the 2017 National Sports Card Collection. As usual, the DACW Live Lounge is prepping for the show the only way it knows how. While Troy is taking his talents to Chicago for the NSCC, Alex and Sean will be working on building some great breaks for our viewers.

The lounge was on tour last time the show was in Chicago, however, last year we stayed in the lounge and had a blast. We sold out over 70 breaks. This year we’re going to build off that and try to come back bigger and better this year. We already have over 60 breaks listed on the website for the National, 10 of which are already sold out!

We plan to bring back the suitcase giveaways that have been very popular among the people who buy into our breaks. That’s right for every break that sells out one person will be lucky enough to win some free goodies inside one of our famous suitcases. It’s filled with all sorts of surprises.  To up the ante this year, we’ve decided to give away $500 in store credit to four lucky customers. Everyone who bought a spot in one our National breaks will be eligible for this. We’ll do one random to determine all the winners. The top four people on the random list will receive the $500 store credits. will be used to help select one customer for each break that sells out. Sunday, at the conclusion of the show, we will take all of those customers and have a special random for the aforementioned $500 store credits.

As we mentioned before, even though we won’t physically be at the National, we’ll be there in spirit…and on your computer screens. Our hours here in the lounge will reflect the hours of the breaker pavilion at the show.

If you’re still in doubt about anything I’ve said, check out a recap of last year. That’ll give you a good insight on the shenanigans that went on in the lounge.



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