2015 NFL Season Predictions

One of the few good things about summer ending is the start of football season, and “Pigskin Fever” is running rampant here at Dave & Adam’s. There are fantasy drafts, pick ’em contests and plenty of football water cooler conversations (especially about our beloved Buffalo Bills).

With Week One of the NFL season just days away, it is time for some predictions on who will still be playing football come mid-January.

Division Winners:

AFC East: New England Patriots – Even if Brady’s suspension was upheld they would still have the advantage in the division.

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens – A tough division to pick, but Joe Flacco is a solid QB and Justin Forsett will have a good season.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts – Weak competition plus Andrew Luck plus some added offensive tools should make the division a cake walk for Indy.

AFC West: Denver Broncos – One last heroic run for Peyton. CJ Anderson might have a break out year, plus a stacked defense.

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles – DeMarco Murray is going to light up the division again, but on a different team. It will help if Sam Bradford stays healthy.

NFC North: Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers will lead the Packers to another run to the NFC title game.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints – Aging Drew Brees over the Panthers and an injured Kelvin Benjamin.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks – Two-straight NFC titles with a good shot at number three. Just run the ball when you have the chance to win the Super Bowl this year.

Wild Card teams:

AFC: Buffalo Bills – Excuse the hometown discount, but Rex and Tyrod are going end the 15-year playoff drought.

Cincinnati Bengals – Somehow Andy Dalton manages to make the playoff again. Big year for Jeremy Hill.

NFC:  Detroit Lions – Too much offensive fire power.

Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton proves his worth.

Conference Championships:

AFC: Colts over Patriots

NFC: Seahawks over Packers

Super Bowl 50:

Indianapolis Colts 30, Seattle Seahawks 16


There you have it. Andrew Luck will lead the Colts back to the promised land. I’m sure these predictions will look terrible by Week Six. Either way you can stay tuned for the return of Dave & Adam’s Leaders of the Pack starting next week after all the games are in the books.

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