What’s Your Best Bet for Pulling a Valuable Colin Kaepernick Rookie Card?

When Colin Kaepernick took over the 49ers starting quarterback job football card collectors took notice, but few could have predicted how much success he would have.  After leading San Francisco to a 45-31 victory against Green Bay on Sunday, his cards have absolutely caught fire. It is certainly well deserved as Kaepernick had an incredible game with two touchdowns through the air and two on the ground to lead his team to the NFC Championship game.

We’ve had customers asking us what the best products to pull his rookie cards are. Here are some 2011 football card boxes that give you a chance at pulling a valuable Kaepernick autographed rookie card. We selected boxes that we have a good price on and give you a chance at some of his better rookie cards.

2011 Panini Timeless Treasures Football


2011 Panini Playbook Football


2011 Panini Plates & Patches Football


2011 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football




Kaepernick Rookie Cards can also be found in various other 2011 football card boxes, and we have a bunch of those products in stock. You can view all of our 2011 football card boxes here.

As Kaepernick becomes more of a household name leading up to the game this week, we can only imagine what will happen to the value of his football cards if he is able to lead the 49ers to Super Bowl 47.

One Response to What’s Your Best Bet for Pulling a Valuable Colin Kaepernick Rookie Card?

  1. kris January 16, 2013 at 10:26 pm #

    i pulled a kaepernick base auto out of the box i got from dave and adams. i am estastic now i just sold it for 62 on ebay last nite. keep providing quality buys dave and adams you are my sole distributor that i purchase cards.



    ps i am running and ebay store and if you can provide me any advice it would be greatly appreciated. i am trying to make enough money to open a brick and mortar store.