Upper Deck Turns up the Heat with 2007/2008 SPx Basketball

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Surprise hot boxes help to keep NBA fans warm this winter

Kevin Durant

Carlsbad, CA – (January 11, 2008) – Collectors love to get a little extra or be surprised with additional content when opening packs. Upper Deck has enjoyed sharing this unexpected pleasure with collectors recently with 2007/2008 SPx Basketball. NBA Fans opening up the product are finding that some boxes are delivering significantly more than they bargained for.

The latest SPx Basketball release arrived over the holidays with each 3-card pack yielding either a signature or memorabilia card in every pack. Upper Deck has added a previously unannounced hot box in every case. These special boxes will have twice the normal content with every pack including two signature or memorabilia cards.

“The product is extremely strong on its own merit, but we felt it would be great to deliver some additional value for collectors around the holidays,” explained Bill Beaman, Upper Deck product manager for Basketball. “We couldn’t be happier with the play of Upper Deck spokesmen this year. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and our strong stable of rookies lead by Kevin Durant have made this a special year. SPx rookies are consistently some of the highest valued cards in the industry so we are excited to see that trend continue with this release.”

Durant SPx Autograph rookie cards have been regularly selling for between $250-$400+ on-line. As he continues to develop and improve, the values will likely continue to soar. With the All-Star break nearing, it’s amazing how similar Durant’s numbers are to rookie seasons of other NBA superstars liked LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

The opportunity to invest in players like this before they become superstars does not come along every day. Kevin Durant is establishing himself as the future of the Sonics organization and a franchise player. Accordingly, savvy NBA collectors are making the most of this opportunity by collecting Durant now.



o Find an Autograph or Memorabilia card in every pack, on average!
o Find one hot box per case with two hits in every box, on average!
o Look for at least one Autographed Rookie Jersey card per box, on average!
o Find three patch cards numbered to 50 or less in every case, on average!
o Look for one-of-one Autographed Logoman Rookie cards!
o Look for Winning Materials memorabilia and autographed memorabilia cards featuring two and three players!


Autograph Cards

o Super Scripts
o SPx Endorsements
o Duel Scripts (# to 25)
o SPx Rookie Auto/Jersey Radiance // (# to 25)
o SPx Rookie Auto/Patch Spectrum // (# to 10)
o Winning Materials Combos Dual Patch/Auto // (# to 10)
o Winning Materials Triples Patch/Auto // (# to 5)
o Freshman Orientation Jersey/Auto // (# to 25)
o Freshman Tandems Jersey/Auto // (# to 10)
o Freshman Trip Jersey/Auto // (# to 5)
o Flashback Fabrics Jersey/Auto (# to 25)
o Flashback Fabrics Jersey/Auto // (# to 10)
o Freshman Orientation Logoman/Auto (# to 1)

Memorabilia Cards

o Winning Materials Jersey #
o Winning Materials Jersey # Jersey/Patch // (# to 25)
o Winning Materials Stat
o Winning Materials Stat Jersey/Patch // (# to 10)
o Winning Materials Combos Duals
o Winning Materials Triples
o Winning Materials Combos Dual Patch // (# to 50)
o Winning Materials Triples Patch // (# to 25)
o Freshman Orientation
o Freshman Tandems
o Freshman Trip
o Freshman Orientation Patch (# to 50)
o Freshman Tandems Patch (# to 25)
o Freshman Trip Patch (# to 10)
o Flashback Fabrics
o Flashback Fabrics // (# to 25)

Inserts and Parallels

o Regular Cards Radiance // (# to 25)
o Regular Cards Spectrum // (# to 10)
o SPx Rookies Radiance // (# to 25)
o SPx Rookies Spectrum // (# to 10)

Regular Cards and Rookies

o Base Set – 90 Cards
o SPx Rookies (# to 299)
o SPx Rookies Lvl 1 Jersey/Auto (# to 899)
o SPx Rookies Lvl 2 Jersey/Auto (# to 499)


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