Upper Deck To Release Yankee Stadium Legacy Set

“The Yankee Stadium Legacy set, a 6,500-card compilation chronicling every single game ever played at the famous “House That Ruth Built, will begin its official debut by being inserted in random packs of Upper Deck’s 2008 Series 1 Baseball, scheduled to hit store shelves on February 5th.

With historic Yankee Stadium playing out its last regular season this year before the Bronx Bombers move to a new ballpark in 2009, Upper Deck decided it was a terrific opportunity to acknowledge the incredible history and moments that have occurred at Yankee Stadium since its doors opened in 1923. Besides chronicling 85 seasons’ worth of Yankees home games, this comprehensive set will also include some of the most famous sporting events that have taken place at Yankee Stadium including: Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man AliveSpeech (July 4, 1939); Babe Ruth’s “Final Visit to Yankee Stadium (June 11, 1948); Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling heavyweight title bout (June 19, 1936, Schmeling won); and Muhammad Ali’s title defense against Ken Norton (Sept. 28, 1976).

“Not only is this an incredibly ambitious effort by our Product Development and Creative teams, but it’s a well-deserved tribute to one of the sports world’s most celebrated venues, ” said Kerri Stockholm, Upper Deck’s director of Sports Marketing. “We’re delivering the cards as inserts in several different Upper Deck baseball products throughout 2008, giving collectors everywhere a chance to share in the historic tribute.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Set

Ruth Yankees Card

0 Responses to Upper Deck To Release Yankee Stadium Legacy Set

  1. Chris Harris January 21, 2008 at 6:11 pm #

    Nope, not even close.

    I guess we’ve all forgotten the 8100-card monstrosity known as 1998 Topps TEK?

  2. dayf January 22, 2008 at 2:55 am #

    This set could be really good, or it could be the Alex Rodriguez 500 home run debacle 20 times over. I have some high hopes for it though, even if I will never ever have any shot of completing it. However if Upper Deck mails it in and it is nothing but Ruth, DiMaggio, Jackson and Jeter on 5000 cards that all look exactly alike with a few other subjects thrown in for the heck of it it’s going to suck. I’d like to see some of the more obscure players featured, plus lots of Yogi. You can never have too much Yogi.