Topps to offer phenomenal cut auto booklets in 2015 Five Star Baseball

Topps grabbed our attention on Friday when they sent out the first details of 2015 Five Star Baseball. They have put together a couple outstanding cut autograph booklets that any baseball collector would love to get their hands on.

cutlineupLegendary Lineups Cut Signature books will contain eight cut signatures from some of the best starting lineups in baseball history. Topps hasn’t announced the full checklist, but they are using the 1961 Yankees as an example. This would include Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Roger Maris from the year he hit 61 home runs.

Similar in fashion are the Hall of Fame Class Cut Signature books. These will contain cut auto from the same members of a hall of fame class. Both types of booklets will obviously be one-of-ones.

15FSBB_1042_FiveStarAuto_Johnson 15FSBB_1131_FiveStarAuto_Bryant 15FSBB_1041_FiveStarAuto_Posey

Every card in 2015 Five Star Baseball will feature either an on-card or cut signature. Basic Five Star Autographs will have a checklist of about 100 players. There are four levels of parallels numbered to 50 or less.


Another new insert are Five Tools Autographs. These feature players that posses all the skills that make a baseball player great, and are numbered to 25.

15FSBB_1518_SilverSignatures_Kershaw 15FSBB_1504_GoldenGraphs_Clemens

Silver Signatures and Golden Graphs, a staple of Five Star products, make their return with auto using silver or gold ink. Both styles of cards will be numbered to 50. There are also six levels of numbered parallels: Purple (#’d to 25), Blue (#’d to 20), Green (#’d to 15), Gold (#’d to 10), Orange (#’d to 5) and Red (#’d 1/1).


Auto relics include Five Star Autographed Jumbo Patch Cards that are numbered to 35. Parallel versions are numbered to ten or less. A total of 50 players also have one-of-one MLB logo patch auto relics with an on-card signature.

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